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The Terran Essentials

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Directorate I struggle to name one 'must have' I love the drones but they don't fit all lists as Directorate can do so much....and have many great models that all shine 

Aquans - the heavy carrier is amazing, snappers can be darn annoying 

Terran I personally love the battlecruisers, a pair of these are brutal 

Sorylian - Their basic frigates can be far far more pokey then intially though 

Dindrenzi - Personally I find it hard not to consider their basic frigates again, they happily crit fish cruisers and can take 1-on-1 shots against frigates

Relfoza - Too limited playtime, I do love the frigates with wings from a pure style angle - but can't comment on the faction

RSN - Spook cruisers easiest pic - their carrier and dreadnought are also amazing solid models and hard to say no to

Omnidyne - OK all hail the foundry - but their gunships are pricey but still my must have from this faction

Corsairs - Tricky as were limited until the recent con...I gotta say the frigates did better then I though few plays I've had with or against them

So personally, I have to say the Spook cruisers are by far and away the biggest must take, closely followed by Omni gunships and then the heavy carrier from Aquans

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