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Leviathan incomin

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Rules, actual miniature in hand....

It is a lovely sight to see the Relthoza getting the First Leviathan. Also wonderful to see it is not a 2 foot long monster. The size looks Big, but not ridiculously huge. 

If/When it comes out I would love to get one. Depending on how badly it hits my wallet. 

I think the best thing to come from this is seeing Spartan paying attention to FSA. 

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Under the Genetal Discussion section. 

The new ships post

Spartan Linde commented something like this 

"Scale wise a Leviathan is supposed to be more Super Star Destroyer rather than a Death Star.  The base is big though and Movement will be tricky.  The Relthoza one as it stands now actually is at home parked in an Asteroid Field.  Its size and Abilities actually make it so it does not take impact hits from asteroids .  The Cloud of Nanites around it eats everything to break it down for raw materials.  Asteroids, Debris and Planetoids anyways."


could be interesting, but I hope it is not the only viable strategy for it. I want to see it being played different ways

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You're forgetting how many people are willing to pay 2 win, and the rules for this thing might make it a must include in a Grand Fleet, which would drive sales regardless of how the model looks.  If that happens, no one will play non-Core factions due to not having Leviathans.

On the other hand, Grand Fleet Battles are few and far between, because those are LONG games, so unless the 3.0 Rules really shake things up, most will not have the opportunity to field their Leviathan.

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Okay so I thought of this a week ago but still.


It's a ship that makes other ships. It's literally a Mother-Shipn which has all sorts of cool implications to Relthozan matriarchal society. Short story, if you get a Theraposa and don't name it after your hive's queen, you are being silly.

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Neil briefly mentioned the Relth leviathan to me at Salute. His general view is that they will be support and C&C ships. "they are the heart of the fleet" around which everything else revolves. So they will not simply be dreadnaughts+, though they will still have a bucket of guns! Expect lots of command points, special commands and cool rules. He exlained the Relth one slightly differently to whats been said before. On board there are 6 frigates which can be used to top up nearby under strength squads , rather than spitting new ships out every turn. So maybe it can only "eat" stuff to send of up to 6 frigates in a game. I guess its all still very much work in progess

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Sorry....I know this is an old thread, but I've been away a while. 

I think the model is really cool looking (definitely test print due to way too much blank space and not enough detail). However, I don't feel like it really fits the relthoza fleet. It doesn't really "feel" like a relthoza ship. 

I think it needs to be more angled and sharp, more predatory. I agree that our mk2 dreadnought is the best looking ship in the fleet, and in my opinion, all of Firestorm Armada. 

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