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Gen. Eric

Painting 2.5 Models - Free model giveaway.

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16 hours ago, Gen. Eric said:

Did you post your Icemaiden on FB group? If so I would say you're currently in the lead...as the only 2.5 fully painted model. :lol:

Many more people where I am got the Ice Maiden back at the start of July, including myself. So they definitely aren't the first. Go to my Rise of the Teutonic Order thread and you'll see my Ice Maiden.


And I believe that Facebook group is run by @Nazduruk_Bugzappa including the Ice Maiden?

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8 hours ago, Gen. Eric said:

If you're in Somerset, couldn't you just walk over to the office and pick it up?


I have done in the past, and in the near future I'll be paying Neil a visit to discuss play testing and the such :) this time was a waiting game though as I know how stressed everyone got with the KS.

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