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What happened to the zeppelin hangar?

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@Big_0 yep, those first two pics were the other ones I had seen previously. Glad you took that picture with the Imperium inside, gives a real sense of the scale. Thanks for also including the painted pic, bang-up job on the paint job. I wasn't at Adepticon, but I saw other pics of that Planetfall board, looked truly epic. Does the top of the hangar have to be glued down, or can it be removed during gameplay if you place units inside?

@Spartan Mike maybe that's another point to bring up to Spartan Neil...the hangar set has many uses--it's not just a zeppelin hangar for Dystopian Wars. Could be a vehicle hangar for Planetfall, a vehicle hangar or even a small factory for Halo: Ground Command, or even a small tool shed for Dystopian Legions! I play Ground Command, and I could definitely see using this as a building in that game. Would be great terrain pieces...maybe have a few of them mixed in with some other UNSC buildings, construct them with the doors open and have some Warthogs parked inside...

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On 4/1/2017 at 11:29 AM, Landlubber said:

Could you post some pics in the hobby section? Hard to find pictures of assembled hangars (painted or unpainted)...I scoured the internet and only found a few. 

I would if I could figure it out haha! I don't have a lot of time these days, so I can't really devote time to fiddling with it. Hence in ask if anyone has an assembly guide haha! 

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Big_O - I have mine to do (just found it - I knew it was somewhere) just wondering if you can give any advice on painting it. Did you use hairspray before painting it to seal it? Did you paint it before assembly? Did you have any difficulties with assembly? That kind of thing. Any help would be appreciated.

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@Batavian My friend actually assembled it for me before painting it. If I remember it did take him awhile and he did a dry fit of everything first before gluing it together. I would suggest not gluing together the front doors so they slide open and the roof of mine comes off so you can paint the inside.No hair spray, just black spray paint before using some silver paint and a black wash. Then dry brushed more silver on top. Hope this helps. 

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19 hours ago, Spartan Mike said:

@Landlubber Not currently. When I last spoke to Neil about it he was thrilled with the concept and the rules idea for it. Said he wanted to get it moved into the trade channel for sale, but has not elaborated details on any dates specifically yet.


OK, thanks Mike for the information and the prompt response!

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