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Storm Warning Scenario + Pictures

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Hi all

Below is the scenario we played yesterday and some pictures from our game that featured FSA and the Black Wolf against the Chinese Federation and Prussian Empire.  Unfortunately we played too many points for the time available, so ended up calling time and deciding the game ended as a draw, so I won't provide a detailed battle report.  Nonetheless it was a fun time!

Scenario: Storm Warning!

  • The game will use the Random Weather table on page 88 of the Hurricane Season Campaign Book, starting with a random weather condition.
  • Each side of two players places 3 islands anywhere in their half of the board
  • Once scenery is placed each side places 1 Aergia (Mk I) Oil Rig within 1D6+3 inches of the centre of the board and no closer than 8 inches to a table edge.
  • These oil rigs counts as Massive size models, do not activate, and are too valuable to be destroyed, so cannot be attacked or made derelict.  If prized they yield 150vps to the enemy. The can be recaptured (and the 150 points is reduced to 0) and subsequently prized again. 
  • At the beginning of the game, after deployment but before the first turn, each side secretly chooses their fleet order from the following options:

1. Destroy all Small Models and earn 60% of enemy MFV

2. Destroy all Medium Models and earn  60% of enemy MFV

3. Destroy both enemy Commodores and earn 50% of enemy MFV



Report 2.jpg

Report 3.jpg

Report 4.jpg

Report 5.jpg

Report 6.jpg

Report 7.jpg

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23 hours ago, Lord Nobody said:

Is the new FSA BB that much bigger then the old FSA BB?

My game pictures show it alongside the Annapolis Battle Cruiser (a good tactical pairing in my view).  As to how it compares to the Independence and the Liberty the pictures below should be helpful (Mississippi centre, Independence left, Liberty right).  Overall, it's about the same length but significantly more 'muscular' - higher, wider and with more armour.


FSA Battleships 2.jpg

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