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K-drives on mediums

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Hello K-drive users,

does it also bug you to use K-drives on medium squads (2-3)?
Why not propose one dice roll per squad to make stuff quick and predictable?

Other factions have K-drives on larges, but we the K-drive nation need to use them properly on medium squads. What do you think?

... turning back to work with +1 ...

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20 minutes ago, Nazduruk_Bugzappa said:

P93 of the rules still has sturginium boost as rolled per model.


I just redownloaded the digital rulebook. On P93 it clearly specifies "If this Model is pretty of a Squadron, the Squadron only rolls once, and applies the result to ALL Models in the Squadron with the Sturginium Boost Model Assigned Rule"


The Tesla generator does specify they roll separately.

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Definitely drop the turn limit... Or just add the d6 roll to the MV and not the minimum move.

It's enough penalty to have a unpredictable 5" variability in the move that can only be straight forward. The absurd turn limit just is ****.

I may actually try fielding Kinetic Drive Lexingtons once 2.5 comes out. Every time I tried fielding them beforehand it just got them killed without giving any help... Instead of allowing them to fight together they get split up so they can't all board or get good shots.

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Maybe instead of adding it to the minimum move, increase the turn limit when using the K-Drive? This gives you more maneuverability while still giving some penalty.


@Spartan Mike will this be the same for all the speed boost generators (sturginium, tesla, K-drive)?

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Right now we have both penalties along with the utter unreliability of each ship having between 1 and 6" movement bonus.

And even then the biggest penalty is the opportunity cost. Kinetic Generators mean the FSA ships can't take Rocket Batteries or Shields... That drawback is huge.

One of the penalties for Kinetic Generators will be fine... All 3 together is insane... It's the most unreliable movement bonus, and the one that provides the most limitations on movement, and still has a large opportunity cost.

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The "penalty" is the added ability of the movement going as a "must take" to the ships minimum movement.

Representing the ship surging forward. In concept the added turn limit was another thematic penalty, but in the process of viewing the generators, seeing how much more potent and without drawbacks the Tesla, Time Flow and GNE gens are it was fitting to give the kinetic a boost to bring it back in line.

A squad can now activate their gens and commit to a particular effort in speed and in removing the wide turns, then overall effectiveness of the speed boost is even more powerful!

As for the changes to other generators and movement boosting effects... that's a topic for another time and place! :)


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Well either way, we wont know how they work until the update comes out :) Ive used K-Gens a bit but mainly for boarding focused fleets. With the added agility while using K-Gens from what you have stated @Spartan Mike I could see more of a use on gunnery boats to move to that ideal firing position. Now if only we could couple that with Hit and Run :D

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