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very good game planet fall

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1 hour ago, manic_miner said:

Do you have more pictures of your game and who won?

자동 대체 텍스트를 사용할 수 없습니다.

이미지: 테이블

이미지: 사람 1명 이상

이미지: 사람 1명 이상, 테이블, 실외

이미지: 사람 1명 이상, 테이블

이미지: 사람 1명 이상


5000 pt

terran vs. sorylian (me)

very fun game



core 1

heavy 1

recon 1

air? 1

assault 1


sorylian (me)

core 1

heavy 1

ground command 1

assault 1

leviathan 1


no TAC card game

because our local store can't order that item, very very sad.


result of game

= I won! (2 point gap, very dangerous!)


we play planet fall every holiday(sat, sun)


glorious spartan games please give us new rules and models

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