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Firestorm Universe Beta Group Application

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Hello all!


I wanted to come on and speak on the topic of Firestorm Planetfall and Firestorm Armada.  As many of you know we are currently working on the Alpha rules for Planetfall 2.0 and Firestorm Armada 3.0.  You may have noticed that the Focus Group sub-forums have been closed for the Firestorm Universe. Everyone here at Spartan is aware of the countless hours put into testing in these two games by the community. We thank you for the effort and promise that it will not go to waste. In an effort to make sure that development of these games continues, we will be opening the new Firestorm Universe Beta group when these games are ready for the beta phase of testing. We highly encourage previous members of the previous Focus Groups to apply to join the new testing crew.


The Firestorm Universe Beta group will be responsible for testing the rules and unit stats for both of these games with Spartan Linde and Spartan Mike managing the group’s efforts. Players who are interested in participating in this new Beta test group can follow this link to apply.




After applying, selected members will be contacted and invited to the Beta test group. Players selected for the group will have a big responsibility. Remaining in the Beta group necessitates that at least one game of Planetfall and/or one game of Armada is played every week by all Beta crew members. Additionally, games played will need to be reported with pictures and written details. We need your testing data, your feedback, and your expert advice as well.  If this responsibility seems like just the thing for you, please apply! However, if you have concerns that maybe you wouldn't be able to commit to that level of playtime, that is fine too. Please don't stop contributing on the public forums with your ideas and thoughts and most importantly, games! Our goal is to deliver a polished and finished product that can be enjoyed by the our existing players and newcomers to the Firestorm Universe.


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