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FSA vs Black Wolf

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Today we played a brief and brutal engagement as the mighty FSA came up against a fleet of fearsome Black Wolf mercenaries, in a 1,250 point engagement using fleet orders.

As you can see the FSA force was built around a Liberty Heavy Battleship, San Francisco Assault Carrier and Boston Submarine.  Boarding punch was provided by 3 Less Scoutships, while the B72 Heavy Bomber and Annapolis Battle Cruiser added some valuable supporting fire.  Finally there are always reliable and swift moving Corvettes and Augusta frigates.

Battle Report1.jpg

The Black Wolf fielded twin Deathbringer submarines, a Retribution Sky fortress and Nemesis Battlescruiser.  They packed 3 wraith airships and two squadrons of Fury frigates, one attached to a Manticore and those black hearted rogues had even hijacked a Titan troop transport and packed it with pirate scum.  Not content with this ragged assortment of hired guns, they had also hired the Valkyrie’s Fury heavy bomber.

Battle Report2.jpg

The game began in civilised fashion, as both sides closed through a narrow strait.  The early exchanges were between the small ships, claiming three FSA corvettes and one Fury frigate.  A lucky rocket strike set the Retribution Sky Fortress ablaze, while the Boston suffered a generator shut down. 

Battle Report4.jpg

The Black Wolf made careful use of their Dilation Field Generator, leaving the big guns of the FSA capital ships few targets not obscured, submerged or protected by this swirling haze.

Battle Report3.jpg

The first major clash came on the flank as the nemesis battlecruiser seriously damaged the approaching lee scoutships, all to aware of their aggressive boarding potential. Badly damaged the Lees were forced to abandon their primary mission (the Retribution) and instead captured the Nemesis while destroying the remaining Fury frigates.

 Battle Report5.jpg

As the fleets closed with each other, the exchange of fire became brutal.  The San Francisco carrier was struck and badly damaged by high payload torpedoes, the B72 was downed by devastating fire from Manticore and Fury while the Retribution suffered several more hits, before performing some urgent repairs. In the skies above the Black Wolf aircraft took the upper hand, downing FSA bombers before they could strike, then launching their own damaging torpedo attacks.

Battle Report7.jpg

The brave FSA turtle submarines, against great odds, boarded and captured a Deathbringer submarine.  Inspired by this display the Liberty Heavy battleship struck down several Fury frigates and attempted to board the sole survivor, only to have their entire complement of marines wiped out by a combination of devastating ack ack and ferocious hand to hand fighting.  Plucky Augusta frigates managed to destroy the Manticore, triggering a magazine explosion that damaged the nearby Deathbriger submarine. 

In the skies above, the Esmerelda caused great damage bombing the Boston submarine and causing further damage to the San Francisco carrier.

The now defenceless Liberty heavy battleship was rapidly captured by the Black Wolf from the Titian troop transport, forcing the hasty evacuation of the commodore to the nearby Annapolis battlecruiser.  This escape was short lived however, as the remaining deathbringer surfaced, and settled the matter, destroying the battlecruiser with a devastating volley.

Battle Report8.jpg

At this juncture we agreed that the Black Wolf had won the day.  They had scored 1,075 victory points, and destroyed all but one medium (a Lee airship) so were on the cusp of achieving their fleet order.  The FSA had scored 785 victory points, and I thought I had fulfilled my fleet order, by destroying all the small models, until my opponent pointed out that I hadn't accounted for the Wraith airships (in my defence they are larger than my medium airships, and based on medium flying bases, so I thought they were medium, rather than small models!).

It was a fun game. The Black Wolf played to their strengths denying the FSA guns a solid target until they were close enough to unleash their devastating and high payload ordinance, and weathering the FSA boarding rush before unleashing their counter-punch.

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19 hours ago, pothoc said:

I'm looking forward to seeing a grudge match. Where did you find the TFT stands? 

Our next game is coming up, although it will be a four player affair, so there's always a chance the Black Wolf will end up on the same side as the FSA (we roll sides randomly in multi-player games).  The stands (glued beneath the Spartan trays) are simple 3 piece resin jobs which I purchased from Aetherworks (dot com dot au).  Unfortunately they don't seem to be available any more.  I sent an email inquiry a month ago and received no response.

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