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Planetfall Development Update

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Hi Everyone,


Spartan Neil here and I wanted to message you all regarding our development work for Planetfall in 2017. Our thrilling ground combat wargame burst onto tabletops with an overwhelming surge of support from our players and we met that enthusiasm with a furious paced release of Helix sets with some of the most incredible models our studio has ever produced. As you know we have been looking at the further development of the game with an eye on a version 2.0 of the game engine, and this work began in the second half of last year.


As we entered 2017 it became clear to us that what Planetfall needed as a game was perhaps different to our initial design target. It became clear, both from end customer feedback and beta tester feedback, that we needed to review our work to create a more potent edition of the rules or you. We felt we needed to:


·         Provide you with a new way to assemble forces – thus giving you more flexibility in the meta of force creation

·         Couple to this is a re-alignment of how we package and sell our models – effectively give you more choice

·         Build on the strengths of the 1.0 engine you enjoy playing – and remove the weaknesses

·         Learn from games like Halo: Ground Command

·         And fuse the ‘best’ together!


We have assembled a new team to create 2.0, and while I hate to use the term Alpha Team, I will. The team will take the work we began in the second half of 2016 and refine it to create Planetfall 2.0. Once this work has been completed we will roll the rules out to an invite-only wider Beta Test Group, where we will stress test the new engine prior to its free distribution to our worldwide audience of gamers. This mimics the development structure we now have for Firestorm Armada.


The newly appointed Spartan Mike will be your front man on keeping you up to date on the work via social media and our forum. As an avid fan of Planetfall since its initial release Mike will be the voice of Alpha Team. For those of you attending Adepticon 2017 seek out Spartan Josh, one of our Alpha Team, who can talk more about our work and keep an eye out for Spartan Mike’s updates in the coming months.


All the best,

Spartan Neil

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