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Introduction and Greetings!

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mike, a fresh new cog in the Spartan Games’ machinery. For several years, I have lurked in the shadowed corners of these hallowed forums, enjoying the endless font of conversation and enthusiastic debate we so passionately share for Spartan’s incredible games. Recently at the crest of the new year I was invited by Spartan Neil to be one of his developers, starting with my work on Dystopian Wars. I’ll be putting my efforts into producing new model designs and rules for the company’s games, and into the creative writing side of things – perfect timing given the raft of new models and books coming from the company during 2017 and beyond!

I wanted to introduce myself personally to you all today not just as a new designer, but also as an ear and voice of communication for you in the Forum. My passion for war gaming is tantamount to lunacy [aka a joke amongst my friends!] and taking that enthusiasm off the battlefield and into great conversations is merely an extension of my excitement that I hope to share with you all over the coming weeks and months!

A bit of background to accompany my long-winded introduction! I am a Southern California Native, hailing from the Beach cities of South Los Angeles. I have worked in the entertainment industry, helping to craft and tell stories on both the big and small screen. While my work with cinema and writing has always been a large factor in my life, a true gamer I am at heart. Playing and owning more games than I would ever like to admit! I have worked in the gaming industry, both digital and “analog” creating rules and stories for a wide range of companies that I am sure many of you have enjoyed. Now, I been given a chance to turn that enthusiasm over to you all and put all my efforts into delivering products and exciting and new content that you will hopefully all enjoy!

Working with Spartan Derek, Spartan Josh [both of them], Spartan Franco, Spartan Giles, Spartan Sam and the creative guys at Spartan Games has been most exciting since I began in December and as I integrate more and more into the processes I look forward to being able to relay exciting information with you via the Forum. I’ll be acting as a Moderator, along with my other duties, and as time moves on I am excited about creating a productive rapport with you all.

Looking forward to chatting with all of you!

-Spartan Mike

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