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So quite a few of my club members have made the switch from Firestorm, to Dropfleet Commander. Scenary is a BIG thing for me and as Spartan's scenary selection is a bit 'Spartan' (see what I did there?) I've nicked the Dropfleet Commander Stations Sprue and built some new Stations for my Firestorm games. First impressions, these are really nice kits. The ships themselves from DF don't really do it for me asthetically, but the stations are very nice. Everything is plastic and the they can be put together in any way, all the parts are very modular. The pack itself consists of 4 identical sprues and this is enough to make 7 good sized stations. I chose to make 6, and use the parts to enhance the 6 stations.

Scale wise, they match up very well to FSA ships, I've included a picture of my Terran Station alongside. I think the difference is that Spartan's is geneally a lump of resin, with some additonal bits to glue on. The DF stuff is plastic, and you can create multiple variations. I've also added some kitbashed ships built from spare DF parts I've 'borrowed' from people, and I added some small shuttles from the DF Launch Assets Sprue.

Here are my first 2 stations. The square type 1 I really like. Asthetically, it reminds me of a large ISS, with lots of modular parts bolted together. It may get some more small shuttles attached, I just need to see how many I'm going to use on the other ones.












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We've lost a few regulars to DZC recently (FSA has gone from 8 players to 2!). The DNZ ships don't do it for me asthetically, so it's not a system I'd game. But some of our group prefer plastic to resin, so DNZ worked well for them. The Stations are a different matter. The level of detail and customisation you can model is leagues ahead of anything SG have right now.

If you primed the stuff and gave it a thin wash of something, they'd look great. The other thing to remember, this Stations box is £30. So the 6 Stations I've built and will post pictures here cost £30!

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