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FSA vs Chinese Federation and Denmark

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For the most of 2016 our group focussed on playing Dystopian Legions, but with 2017 rolling around (and in the wake of the recent kickstarter) we decided to get back into some Dystopian Wars.  We had scheduled a 4-player game, with each player bringing an 850 point force, to be allied to one other, creating a 2 vs 2 player battle.  Unfortunately one player couldn't make it on the day, so one of us had to play two fleets against two players - in this game my two 850 point FSA fleets take on the combined might of the Chinese Federation and the Kingdom of Denmark.


The Kingdom of Denmark fielded a number of airships, including two light Fafnir sky fortresses and Magni airships, a Raggnarok pocket battleship, Skagerrak gunships and Korsor corvettes.  They face an FSA force led by an escorted Liberty Heavy battleship, an Annapolis Battle Cruiser, Boston Submarine, B72 bomber, corvettes and frigates. 

The Chinese took a Jian (Mk I) battleship (with tug escort), 3 Dao cruisers, Nu Frigates and air support in the form of interceptors and Luxing air bombards (the latter are deployed as flanking forces).  The FSA force opposing them is built for aggressive boarding (less than optimal against the Chinese) including an Independence battleship with Kinetic generator and 3 escorts, 3 Georgetowns with kinetic generators, corvettes, another B72 and a Valley airship.

There is one fleet order per side.  The FSA drew the victory condition 70% MFV while the Chinese and Denmark drew Capture the Commodore (meaning they had to board or destroy both the Valley airship and Liberty heavy battleship)


The Kingdom of Denmark take an aggressive opening, advancing their gunships at full speed to lay mines and score and early hit on the Annapolis gunship.  The Magni airships also advance while the corvettes use the cover of an island to conceal their advance.  The Skagerrak gunships pay for their aggression, with one ship sunk and another crippled by the combined fire of the Liberty and Annapolis, while one of the Magni airships is downed by the B72.

On the other flank it's the FSA who are aggressive, with the Independence battleship, Georgetown cruisers and corvettes rapidly advancing on the Jian battleship.  They suffer several hits from enemy capital ships, but steam on toward their target.


At the start of the next turn, the FSA launch their assault.  Brave corvettes swarm the mighty Jian and boarding crews decimate the Chinese conscripts, but fail to secure the enormous ship.  The Jian scores a direct hit on the Independence, preventing it from launching a boarding assault that turn, causing the FSA battle-plan to fall into total disarray.  The Georgetown's swing into action, boarding  the Chinese flagship, but the bitter determination of the Chinese crew repels the boarding assault.  Now that the FSA capital ships are depleted of crew the Dao cruisers attack, seizing and prizing two of their number and bathing the third in fire.

In the skies overhead the Chinese interceptors are picked off one by one by American rockets, and the Valley airship launches a blistering attack against the Chinese frigates, destroying several,

Meanwhile the Danes launch a fierce attack with their Magni airships, dropping mines into the path of a squadron of corvettes (destroying 3), then boarding and prizing the Annapolis battlecruiser, which causes a squadron of FSA frigates to crash into the now drifting capital ship.  In return the FSA turtle submarines board and prize a Skagerrak gunship while the Boston sinks the final ship in the squadron. 


At the start of the third turn, the Independence battleship which has finally repaired its damage, and supported by escorts and sharpshooters, boards and prizes the Chinese Jian battleship.  This victory is short-lived as fire from the Dao cruisers swiftly sends it to the deep. The Luxing air bombards now join the battle and immediately down the B72 bomber, ending the rain of rockets on the Chinese frigates and interceptors.


The final turn passes swiftly.  The Boston submarine is finally sunk by a Fafnir airship, the Raggnarok pocket battleship, heavily damaged, turns and flees.  The final remaining Nu frigate collides with a Dao cruiser and through remarkable ill fortune manages to score a double critical on the ship (while suffering no damage in return).  The FSA swiftly pick off the crippled Chinese cruiser.  The Luxing air bombards pursue the Valley airship but are not able to down the mighty dirigible.


At the end of four turns the game concluded. Neither side had managed to achieve the victory conditions for their fleet order.  The FSA had scored 1,102.5 victory points (1,190 were needed for a 70% MFV victory) while the Chinese and Kingdom of Denmark scored 1,007.5 victory points, more than the 50% required for their fleet order, but neither FSA commodore had been killed or captured.

Even though the game ended as a draw, it was a lot of fun and a good way to refresh our enthusiasm for DW.

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That sounded like a blast. Your models look great. I am playing Prussians vs. RoF this Sunday. I am very much looking forward to playing my KoD box when it's painted. I never thought about the combo KoD + CF, but it looks fun. Keep on floating and fighting, only a few weeks until 2.5!

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Thanks for the kind words

On ‎8‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 2:36 PM, Wolfchild said:

Are those painted tiles making up your 'board'?

Yep, they've served me for something like five years now (in games like this one) and may be on the cusp of retiring soon, in favour of some mouse-pad style printed mats.


1 hour ago, slimeball said:

nice battle rep. am currently wondering whether to get a Danish fleet, was also looking at Chinese but got put off by the wooden design. how did the Danes perform?

I don't think my Kingdom of Denmark opponent had a great game.  The gunships got owned in this game, and because it was low points, that was a pretty big loss.  That said, the Magni airships earned 2-3 times their points and were fantastic.  Afterwards I suggested to my opponent that when going up against an enemy shooting fleet, rather than trying to brawl with the likes of a heavy battleship and battlecruiser, he might want to think about using cover and firing indirectly until they are close enough to take advantage of their expert gunnery (tasking a Fafnir airship to get 4 experts spotters, plus the regular airship spotter for example).  He still had fun though, blew up lots of my ships with his mines, and managed to have his pocket battleship survive the game.

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