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Commodore Jones

SPARTAN STAFF! Aquan Ladon classification status.

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6 hours ago, Ryjak said:

What would it take for you to be satisfied?

An official answer from a Spartan staffer.

I mean it could be either way. It might be a typo, wouldn't be the first, and yet we have stuff that full on looks like an error that isn't, the Missionary's broadside only beam upgrade, or the Apollo's split fire on broadside instead of Turrets where it logically should be for examples.

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They call them Cruisers in the Fleet List, Cruisers in the Taskforce fleet list, and Medium Cruisers in the Reinforcement Box description.  Other than having 3 HPs, is there any reason to think they are Light Cruisers other than Cruisers?

Anyway, this was asked a many times back when the ships first came out, but I can't track down any of the post where they confirmed that, just like the Dindrenzi Velites and Directorate Champion, are cruisers.

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On 12/31/2016 at 1:00 PM, azrael said:

The other reasons compared to the storm would be :

No torpedoes

No mines 

No rear firepower

-1 pd

-2 ad 

-1 hp 

Kinda sounds light compared to the storm 

The other side : bonuses 

Reinforced fore 

Free extra shield 

All this, and I don't think the bonuses are compensation enough to make it cruiser rating.


12 hours ago, quiet01 said:

Commodore Jones,

The person most likely to respond, Spartan Josh, has not logged on as Spartan Josh since December 6th.

At least as of this post.


Take that for what it is worth. 

Yeah, I'm not expecting a quick response but at least I brought visible attention to it.

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The Landon is a Cruiser.  It is not a typo.


Apologies guys, real life has been uber busy in December.  I am going to be making an effort to be on the forum more, now that my schedule has equalized.  I will pop in and answer stuff if I see it.  usually its best to just PM me if you have a question as I get an email alert when that happens 

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