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Voyager's terrain, scenery and other stuff

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I've decided to start a new thread to share with you my non-miniatures stuff dedicated to Dystopian Legions. I hope you'll enjoy it and possibly get inspired. Of course, feel free to comment the content or ask any questions. :-)


I'll start with my custom objective markers. Unless specified otherwise, all of them are made from resin accessories from various manufacturers. All the decals are self made - printed on a decal paper.


1. Automaton head. What are the capabilities of this prototype? Any revolutionary AI hiding inside? Or it's just made of some precious materials? Grab the objective to find out!

5d6615450f.jpg 5d6631fe50.jpg 5d6634f3d3.jpg



2. Something stronger. Imported directly from Scottish Highlands. No officer will pass such a treat. Grab it on all costs!


5cd6ee466e.jpg 5cd6fe3204.jpg



3. Potato sacks. We all know since Napoleon that an army marches on its stomach. If you have more time you may even make some chips!


5cf35571e8.jpg 5cf364c1ce.jpg



4. Various food. Now, that's a treat in your monotonous military diet. Fresh lettuce, barley, bean - all yummy!


5d0164ae72.jpg 5d014f0017.jpg



5. Crates with poisonous stuff. Why wait until 1914? Let's start the chemical warfare now!


5d0d9e8191.jpg 5d0d8cc40e.jpg



6. Mystery stack. Is it an extremely valuable military equipment? Or just a heap of junk covered by a local farmer not to spoil his view? Be the first at the objective to find out!

(The objective is made of plastic bits covered with kitchen cotton [not paper!] towel soaked in epoxy glue [actually, it's rock hard!].)


5d267d04b8.jpg 5d2686274d.jpg



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It's time for some scenery. At first, we have a simple shed. It's a train O scale (1:48) polystyrene (HIPS) model manufactured by AM Model Trains (I don't remember the exact kit name/code).

I have ordered it as a test piece; to see whether the scale and quality is good enough to be used as a wargaming terrain. In fact, it is rather a good diorama model. I had to strengthen some joints knowing that it will be knocked, pushed and crudely stored. Also, I've added the bottom trim so that the door doesn't appear touching the ground and miniatures on bases don't look to high compared with the shed. The kit doesn't come with any window glazing so I had to add it myself (it's a clear polystyrene cutout from a disposable food box). It is painted to look dirty and semi opaque like you would expect e.g. in a garden tools shed. Also, the shed door doesn't come with handle/knob, nor lock/keyhole, so I had to make them myself.

All in all, it's a fine kit. It requires some additional work, but at least the model is cheap. I guess, sometime I'll order some other more advanced stuff by AM Models.





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The next piece of terrain is a fence. It comes from 1:48 scale Road Sign Set (32509) by Tamiya. Every kit comes with four fence sections. In my case I had one new kit and one old incomplete kit with one section missing. Thus, my fence consists of seven sections only. I've divided the fence into three pieces to make it more modular.







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Top-notch stuff. Really like the homemade objectives. I really need to do something like this for Halo: Ground Command...

Regarding the building: looks like O scale train scenery is just the right size! I've been out of Legions for a bit but have been thinking about getting back into it. This is giving me some ideas!

Looking forward to your future posts.

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