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Pathogen w.i.p. greenstuff and stuff....

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11 hours ago, Bessemer said:

Brilliant stuff, mate! You've used Green Stuff before obviously! 

lol, first time using it (I had to google how to mix it),

It is so easy with the tentacle maker tool and his videos. I believe it was spellduckwrong and a few other pathogen people on this forum that showed me how to place it through their examples. 

I'm hoping the Pathogen don't disappear in the 3.0 revision... 


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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 2:30 PM, SecretSquig said:

Interested how the Tentcles were made? Looks great, my only concern would making sure the thumb prints are smoothed out before painting.

Still working on that, I'm hopeful to try and sand them or cover with more "tentacles"

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Sanding/filing Greenstuff is a fool's errand, at least for me it is. I have a 0% success rate at getting any result that I am happy with. This is a great start though!

I have some suggestions based on my mistakes to help you get the best possible end product:

1. Wear gloves while you are working. Fingerprints ruin the look.

2. Be mindful with your tools! I can see scrape marks and unintentional depressions

3. Consider getting a ball head burnisher to smoothly work out the tool ring left around your postules.

4. Try to blend the Greenstuff as thinly and smoothly as possible around the outer borders of infection to meld it into the natural details on the model. When painted, it is the difference between a seamless integration of infection/hull and just some crud stuck on the armor of the ship.

5. Be ever vigilant for hairs sneaking into your putty!

6. Before you prime, give everything a good wash with dish soap and warm water.

Keep up the good work!!

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