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Thoughts from a (Terrible) Terran Player

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That's on reason why SRS-Heavy fleets tend to have a lot of T3 choices:  they make Escort removal quite easy.  But that doesn't change the fact Carriers are a bit squishy.  Nothing worse than loosing a Carrier with two full-strength Tokens out.

Some have been successful with this fleet in the past, so it is feasible. A 12-Wing Carrier is 200 points (you want +1 Shield), which leaves 400 for a T2, T3, and and at least one Shield Cruiser, if not two.

120 Light Frigates

210 Cruisers with +1 HP, Weapon Shielding, Beams

50 Shield Cruiser Accompanyment with Admiral Carrier

20 left over

Generally everything starts on the table.  Hopefully the Frigates kill any Escorts and other Smalls, and everything stays safe under the Shield Projector.  Probably use Drives to Max Turns 1&2 on the Carriers.

The secret weapon here is the Cruisers.  Players will hopefully focus on the 4-Shield Carriers, letting the Cruisers get to 20" inches and start tossing 14AD attacks for a couple turns.

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Sorry for being off the topic, new to FSA and detailed discussions of fleet tactics is beyond me for the moment.

Could anyone give me links or the words I need to type into google to find out more about the terrain mat (debris field I'd guess) and also the status token dice shown in the blog post pics?


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Nice list Ryjak!

I have been looking into the same kind of list too. An idea I stole from the directorate tactica is using drives to max and planetary slingshot to move the battlestation an absurd amount of inches. Could work out good to get an good aft shot at an unexpecting T1. 

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