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Stock clearance

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 Just a quick one to let people know that Spartan have a stock clearance on at the moment.At 50% off retail.

 Makes for a good time to get a few pieces.

 Looks like it was a very good time for me to start back on Planetfall ;).

 Ordered the sets below.

The Relthoza Aerial Interceptor Helix    

The Relthoza Aerial Ground Attack Helix

  The Relthoza Ground Command Helix      
  Sorylian Collective Ground Command Helix      
  Ba'Kash Allied Aerial Helix      
  Sorylian Collective Assault Helix      
  Sorylian Collective Aerial Ground Attack Helix      
  Veydreth Allied Recon Helix

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 Most of the models are pretty clean and only a few have flash to clean off.

 Not sure on how i will be transporting the Leviathan.It is a great model though.

 I am also very impressed with the Sorylian Assault helix.The Mech is amazing and very detailed.I like how they have done the pilot and then have a canopy over him.The pictures dont do it justice.

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