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Firestorm Armada Tournament of die Grüne Horde May 20th

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Hi everyone!


On Mai 20th 2017 our Gaming Group die Grüne Horde will organise another Gaming Day, with free Gaming and tournaments for different games.

Where: Bürgersaal ;Marktplatz 1 ; 84533 Marktl am Inn; Bavaria Germany
When: 20.5.2017 from 9.00 to 20.00

I will again organise the Firestorm Armada tournament, the 4th so far, and hope to to have several visitors again.
In 2016 we had visitors form Prague, Klagenfurt, Cologne, Erfurt, and I know that some Gamers from further away wanted to join.

Tournament Registration will be done with the German T3 Website, here ist the link for Armada:



Rules: 1000 Points, but on 4*4 Feet table!
Tables: every table will have a different layout I will post them here before. Kurgans Black Hole table will be an addition to the tables I used so far.

Szenarios: Border Clash, Escalating Engagement and Hold the Waypoints


Other Events on the Gaming Day.

Saga Tournament
Infinity Tournament
40k tournament
(X-Wing Tournament ?)
Painting Competition with 4 Categories,


For those that can or have to plan longer in advance the  Fall Event next year is planned to be on 25/26 of November, and it will be a two day Event.


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Hi there, sorry for the necromancy, but it took me time to edit the pics and I couldn not upload while I was in Germany due to a internet restriction in the place where I lived.


Here are the pictures about how the tournament was. I must add, the meals were excellent and the people there very friendly :):)


This one wa the winning fleet in the FA painting constest (and it was very nasty too!)



My lizards aquans and their death star


this shot was taken moments before my fleet was about to be mined into space dust (and i needed 6 to hit!!)



My third battle against my traditional enemies :)


the fun of this battle was the black hole that ate several retholzan ships ;)



the lovely Hahnc's Ryushi



My lizards, the  "Dindrylians" ;)



First battle against... more sorylians!!  The Great Rending V2!



General look of the bouards and other tournaments taking place



Hope you liked!!



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