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My idea for new FSA units from KS Admiral of the fleet.

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Not at all. The KoB flyers look weird to me.  If you stretch that theory of repurposed units you could easily arrive to the conclusion that every unit based off another unit.  Just different stats   Repurposed doesn't fit what is happening. 

I like the blimp style of FSA but thinking of one with turrets.  

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What about a multi-purpose small that could be taken on it's own or have the option to be combat-deployed from the Washington ? Not sure if it's okay to have something modify an existing model's rules for this, but might help give the Washington some (additional?) usefulness, plus always wondered what the big doors front and back were for.

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Dear fellow FSA players,

people tend to forget about sharpshooters. Why not work around this FSA core element/doctrine (and maybe even faction card(s))?
A brawling small / medium with sharpshooters [2] would be a menacing threat to all boarding and non-boarding units coming too close.

The certain loss of AP can be used to area deny or to aggressively use it to support boarding rushes.
A solid medium with K-drives would do the job.

I dont like the idea to blurr the lines between factional differences. Dolphines are kind of a CoA thing (look at the hull of the medium sub). Torps are KoB, Flyers with turrets maybe also KoB, RC or RoF and so on...

Lets shoot on 4" and do it while you exhale...


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