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1000 point initial force advice

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I've only played one game so far, with the old starter box (Aristotle, 3x Plato, 9x Diogenes, 2x Ptolmy)

This is the initial 1000 point force I'm thinking about:

205    Aristotle w/ Energy Turrets
120    Hippasus
100    4x Diogenes
75    3x Diogenes
100    5x Thales
20    Galen attached to Aristotle
380    Coeus


Did I make any mistakes with list legality?

Any advice, observations, or obvious holes?

What about dropping the Thales and the Galen for a second Hippasus?  I think wavelurking Hippasus can fire their torpedoes under energy portals without effect.  Or dropping 3x Diogenes and the Galen for a Kepler for more aircraft?

General idea for the list was to go with the Coeus, then use the wavelurking Hippasus to make energy portals to partially block return fire.  Aristotle is there to help provide long range alpha to knock dice off things that can threaten the big ships, as well as provide a second particle lance they need to evade.  The small ships are there to benefit from the Guardian Generator if possible, and be a plan B use case for the teleport generator.  Galen is there for mine detonation duty or trying to block LOS to the wavelurking Aristotle's mid-point.

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List is Legal, just declare if/what is strategic and what is main force.

Hippasus are support ships, don't bring two except when playing huge games.

No they can not. As  "any Firing that passes through, an Energy Portal is considered to be Partially Blocked."

Trying to use Teleport portals to block shooting is an exercise in futility: they are to small and the restrictions on where you can place them are to hard. If you want to be able to block shooting, better bring a Dilation Field Generator.

If you manage to block LoS to the midpoint of the Aristotle with a Galen from anything significant I would be immensely impressed.

What I would do:

-Drop the Coeus, 1'000 is not enough to be bringing a Dreadbot. The games get extremely boring and you will lose interest quickly.

-Go full or go home on lights, 3 Diogenes are pretty worthless. Take the full unit or skip the second one. But bringing two units of lights is pretty much Obligatory if you want your points worth of the Hippasus.

-Aristotle alone does not bring the dicepool to hurt anything significant, either bring him with a Kepler (which has the added benefit of giving you list a drone launcher for cheap) or when not given energy weapons go full Galen load so at least you have one acceptable broadside.

-Our Mediums are our workhorses: a unit of Fresnels or Zenos are never wrong and may be just what you need to keep the fight going once the initial clash is over.


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