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Working on some DW Terrain

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Accidentally posted this in the DL hobby forum! Reposting here. 

I got my terrain from the recent order I placed (see the unboxing here: http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2016/11/12/dystopian-wars-island-terrain-unboxing/) and decided to dig right in!


I am painting the rocks using a method I found on the Tiny Worlds blog:


I think they are coming out nicely!


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Thanks! I'm always glad to serve as a source of inspiration :)

Made a little progress this week:


This is just a test fit on the base for the industrial complex. There is still a bit of detail work to do on the structures, and the base still needs a layer of matte varnish. I'm happy with how the flocking job came out though.  





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On 11/28/2016 at 11:49 PM, Veldrain said:

Given Spartan's current design trend that's just the Prussian response to all the walking castles.


Anyway, I finished up the first wave of my DW terrain!

Here is the industrial complex being used as a land feature:



It can also double up as an island:


Here are the coastal rocks and shoals:


I've got a few more shots up on my blog:


Thanks for looking!


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11 hours ago, Lord Nobody said:

Looks like my painting table. With 3 or 4 projects working at the same time!

Excellent work, waiting for more pics!

Same here! 3 different fleets, and two other games!! Madness!

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