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Brother Glacius

How do you view comments on blog entries?

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Of course we do understand that, but you don't have to have an account to look at our page and stay up to date with the latest news :) We do always try to share this across our blogs and the forum too. And of course, if you want to join in the discussion, you can do that right here on the forum, there's no need to feel left out because you don't use other platforms. As we're a smaller team, we're simply trying to be efficient in minimising the comments and sites we have to cover and moderate.

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Hey guys, it seems this thread (commenting on blog entries) has run its course, so I'll lock it up. 

However, you guys are always welcome to express your opinions (at least that's my view), so if you feel that there's something productive that needs to be said about some of the other stuff that came up in this thread, please feel free to make another thread more specific to the issues :)

Semper Vigilans,


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