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Commodore Jones

Cyclic Shielding and losing your shields

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Choose one squadron in your fleet with active shield systems. For the remainder  of this turn, no ranged attacks against a model in that squadron benefit from a coherence effect. 


 The first sentence  stipulates the requirements for playing the card. The second sentence defines the effect of the card. Therefore, active shield systems  are only required to play the card in the first place, and thus have no bearing on whether the card remains effective till the end of the turn.  The card itself answers that question for you; "for the remainder of this turn no ranged attacks against a model in that squadron benefit from a coherence effect."

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In a friendly game I would Play 'no shield no shielding' but given a tounament game I would Play RAW and raw you need the shield to be active when you Play the TAC, onceplayed the effect stays in Play, because there is no ruling that it wouls end, when you loose your shields (and come active again when your Support Shuttles repair the shield overload).

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RAW you would still ignore the coherence effect, but I remember that Spartan gave a general ruling on TAC's some time ago saying that the TAC effect is cancelled when the specifications are no longer met.

Edit: This is from the Errata from March 2015:


Q: What happens if my Admiral dies during a turn
before the effects of a TAC come into play (e.g.
Cyclic Shielding)?

A: The TAC card is removed from play, and any
effects which would have been applied to squadrons
yet to activate are ignored.

Q: What happens if a squadron affected by a TAC
becomes disordered during a turn?

A: If a TAC that comes into effect on activation is
played on a squadron that subsequently becomes
disordered, any effects which have, or would have,
been applied to the squadron are removed or
ignored. For TACs which are applied immediately
on play (e.g. Focussed Repair), disordering the
squadron after the event has no effect.

I think this counts as a precent.

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