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Kopis Vs Falcata New Lizard.

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Hello Lizards

I own a Sorylian patrol fleet, frigate group, gunships and just recently brought the battlecrusiers and some extra cruisers  

My question is.  I'm not entirely sure what to do with the cruiser box.   

I really like the look of the heavy's.   it seems like a complete murder stick, that can take a beating. but they're pretty expensive.

However My Falcatas are complete monsters in their own right.  with the AD they send out there's not much they fear. 

I cant magnetize them as I dont have a drill (I want to put them together straight away :( I love the models) 

What would you guys recommend ? 


my sorylians.jpg

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You'll wind up getting the TF reinforcement set, and they're built to accept 2mm magnets, so start there.  You'll probably end up using ~2 2mm magnets per side on engines, and at least two on the fuselage section of the Kopis/Falcata. 

Get a cheap pin vise, but spend a couple extra on the drills.  On any bladed tool ever, pay for a good edge, it's worth every penny.  Get a 2mm and a 3mm bit.  Any job a 2mm magnet isn't good enough for, a 3mm will do great (Relth light cruiser wings).  3mm is also the standard flight peg size, so drill out your mounting hole and file the flight peg square for a really good friction fit to keep your models from listing or spinning around. 

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The resin is fairly soft so if you've got a screwdriver you can gouge out a suitable hole. Select magnets to fit the hole size you gouge out.

I use 2mm diameter flat magnets and a pair of screwdrivers for all my magnetizing needs - one is a philips head to pilot the hole and the other is a flat head to make the hole more cylindrical.

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