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Core + Assault + Aerial = ?

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Hello my fellow fishes. I have only played one game with a borrowed Directorate Army.

Aquans interest me, I play them and communist lizards in FA. If I go with what I like visualy I'd go with an Assault Helix and one or two Aerial Helixes for 3000 to 3500 pts in addition to the core. Does that make any sense game wise? Which Aerial Helix is better? I guess one problem could be the low number of units able to take objectifs. Opponents will be mostly Dindrenzi or Directorate.

Edit: If flyers don't make sense, I can rephrase the question. If I start with core and aussault, where should I go next.

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The biggest challenge is always scoring units, two Aerial helixes will give you some amazing firepower, but equally that firepower can be seen anywhere on the table, and is generally gonna be hit on 5's or 4's (placed shot and depending on your move). 

Love the Assault Helix myself, I would perhaps look at dropping down an Aerial helix, and going for a Recon helix instead. That will give you three scoring units (and you can make the Troops 3 stand units - i do this, just 3 x Gun Teams) for some cheap scoring and flanking units.

For the aerial helix I would say pick the models you like the most, although in effectiveness you will generally find the Ground Command outperforms at the moment (although it does have a higher cost), but luckily I think all of our aerial units look pretty frigging awesome! 


Hope that helps.


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What Kraggi said.

The GA (Ground Attack) Helix is awesome, but can be a bit one-trick pony if you are not careful with keeping an eye out for retaliation.

The Interceptors lack the heavy damage capacity of the GA, but have a slight edge in range (and Corrosive is always fun), enabling a bit more sniping role. The Heavy Interceptor can also be used to great effect as a movable Crystal, allowing Sednas or Locatus to bounce shots from a protected position (a bit tricky to set up, but oh so rewarding once you succeed).

Personally I think the Interceptors are better looking, but that is a completely personal preference.

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The Vorati, works well if you can get those shots off, and your opponent lets you, but the range of it means it can be surprising how far it can get. I use the Crystal to extend the ranges of things like the Larata, and its a viable tactic to shoot at the Vorati simply to extend your range as well, plus hiding your units behind a building and targeting the Vorati has a special place in my heart!

The big weakness of that composition (not knowing how your Core will be built) is that you are potentially putting down

3 Units that are just one model and can give up TV very easily, not to mention that the Troops inside will need all the help they can get if the Larata's pop before they are in position. The Marana's as the command tank for the Recon Helix can and will die surprisingly easily as well.

Unless its been FAQ'd its worth pointing out the Hit & Run tactic here of shoot the enemy, then move upto them to CQB just one of their models, if you have a SirSir attached (say to your Lamana's) then this can work very effectively, although the risk is that you are closing perhaps a little too much. 


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