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My Third Fleet: Federated States of America

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So I have two considerable fleets for Dystopian Wars already; My Prussian Armada (including some Danish allies) and my French Fleet. However, a couple of months ago my lovely girlfriend found a large FSA fleet on Marktplaats (which is kind of our local eBay equivalent here in the Netherlands) and bought it for me. A month later she managed to score an areal support group for cheap. So now I find myself in the possession of an large Federated Fleet, my first Coalition fleet as well. 

Below are some of my finished, or almost finished models. I'm currently getting ready to work my way through two squadrons of Lexington's and two squadrons of Augusta frigates. After that I'll finish my New Orleans.

I've settled on a light grey scheme for my FSA fleet, this gives them a no-nonsense look, but is still different from the dull battleship grey of my Prussians. Since I've got quite some older models (two Independences, and six Lexington's) these will be weathered to show that these ships have seen quite some action.


First up, the test model for my painting scheme. The first Lexington light cruiser


Secondly; my first Independence class battleship (which made it into the Spartan newsletter!)


Some shots of the weathering: Sturginium leaks from the reactor:


Followed by the Saratoga Fleet Carrier:


And last. but not least (and still missing some last detailing). The flagship, the mighty Enterprise Class Dreadnought:




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The engine section was actually painted in 4 stages. Starting with with chainmail metal (ArmyPainter), followed by a Sepia Wash(vallejo), then a highlight with silver (Army Painter). The leakage was done with a diluted Vallejo Verdrigis on key locations. 

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Well Dystopian wars painting has been put a bit on hols due to the  arrival of my first batch of Dropfleet miniatures. However  I have finished a New Orleans and am working on two John Henry's.

I'll try to snap some pictures of the sometime soon!

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