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William Adama

[COVER DISCUSSION] - Cover Mechanics I'd like to see in PF

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Hi Commanders,

I know this is an old thread and I don't want to do threadnecromancy but I'd like only to explain a mechanics I'd like to see in PF.

In all the other games I regulary play there is a cover o defiling mechanics to give some chances to unit to survive an alpha strike or to give slow close quarter unit the opportunity to survive the enemy fire during they advance.

Why if you see a part of a unit base, you have a clear sight to it? 
Why in PF there isn't mechanics like we found in Armada, where you halve the hit dice if the target is beyond some asteroids?
Recapitulate: I'd like to see a cover/defile mechanincs even for other units in addition to the shields rules.

What do you think?

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Oh god, Line of Sight rules - the bane of any non-simplified wargaming ruleset. Seriously, I've been wargaming for 20 years, and by and far the most common category of discussion, disputes and FAQs has been on the issue of line of sight.

The problem is that a lot of systems try to put cover rules into effect, to take into account troops taking cover behind walls and the like - because no man who walks into a firefight in a shirt is going to stand out in the open after the close the of the 19th century. But when you put those sorts of systems in place, you have to introduce interpretations, sometimes exceptions, and how those interpretations are read and applied cause disputes. And then there will always be those who try to game the system, using loopholes to get one up on their opponent.

In many respects, I agree that the line of sight system in Planetfall is extremely simplified, it does make it difficult to put things in cover, and thus things die faster. But, consider the effect this has on the game - whilst the system is simplified, it does well to remove many of the usual disputes that usually occur over line of sight. Additionally, since you know units are going to get hit hard, you can find yourself to be a little more cavalier with how you play your units - rather than trying to hide them in cover to ensure they survive, you may as well use them before they die. So more grand charges, massive barrages, and other things that arouse Michael Bay.

Thus, the game gets sped up, which was one of the objectives that was spelled out for the Planetfall ruleset. Trading detail for speed and flow of play. I think it works.


(But then I don't claim to speak for everyone - (at least not until the device is finished...:ph34r:))

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I agree with you. Planetfall needs urgent changes in cover rules and changes in terrain rules. How is it possible that a Tracked/Wheeled vehicle does not pass through a forest or a river? Other modern vehicles with the same characteristics are able to through forests and rivers... I think that improve these rules make the game more tactic.

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@draco84oz:I'm in wargaming from 23 years...I'm old I know.

Yes PF is very fast and lethal but ,an example, with terrans you spend the first turn using tac to rush to your opponent and all you have is to hope your Shields resist! I don't want a complex los rules such as [insert giant mech game ] or [insert famous spanish sci-if game] but something more similar to [insert ww2 yankee game], to give you some examples: if more than half of the Squadron is concealed,  halve your hit dice...something similar and simple. 

I don't know if I'm allowed to do the name of the games I gave as example and I actually play so hope you understand what I'm referring to. 

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2 hours ago, WestAustralian said:

I have played very little PF. But I have played a lot of other games. I would like to see a bit more crunch in the rules for cover. 

Yes it would change the game. But i think it would be in a good way

How would you modify the cover rules? And how would it be good for the game?

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I wouldn't mind seeing something akin to Halo Fleet Battles Firepower Rating; having the same number of AD do more or less damage, depending on various circumstances.

This is present in Planetfall in the case of Cloak, but with some minor mods it could work for cover as well (shooting at a squadron in cover could cause you to only roll blue dice, for instance).

Yes, I am aware of the can of worms that open if some parts of the squad has cover, and some not, but I'm positive that properly written assignment mechanics could resolve that.

Or go the easy route, like with infantry, and have cover give free Shield for affected elements.

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My .02...

The LOS system for the current PF game works fine.  If you can see it, it dies.  This is consistent with "modern war." Remember, if your stuff is hidden/no LOS it can't be destroyed no matter how many hits the opponent has.  The current system is simple, fast, and eliminates the most contentious part of playing most mini games.

That being said, the tracked/wheeled/walker rules need a revision.  As a Terran player, the current rules don't mean much to the game and with terrain can be a real issue with board set-up (when large sections are difficult or impassable to wheeled vehicles). 

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