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KOB and her Dominion in Africa

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Seeing as we, the mighty Kingdom of Britannia, are on our way to remind Prussia of just who is the top dog in Naval warfare I thought I would repaint my battered KoB fleet.

Prior to the Africa respray the KoB models were a dark and quite uninteresting colour. So I thought I would spice it up and give them a desert shoreline feel for the upcoming campaign




Decks and camoflague done - just deciding whether to go for a titanium feel for the turrets and pipework or to leave the turrets part camouflage and only paint the barrels.


Then onto dry brushing and highlighting / tone etc

(By the way I know the pic is of a Antarctica allied ship, it's just a tester!)

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I like the camo, but it risks becoming drab really quickly if you don't offset it somehow. I'd paint the entire turret (not just the barrel) and try and find some slightly contrasting colours for the deck and details.

Then again, I like my DW models flashy...

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I know you said you haven't done the highlighting and drybrushing, and I think it could work with that done, but right now they just seem so flat and lifeless.

There are certain areas where I just don't think it should be the same color.  The stacks, windows, nooks and joints, even if they were the same color, on a life sized version they wouldn't come across that way thanks to lighting.

I think the color scheme could look really good, but without differentiating colors, I could see the detail just getting lost and the whole thing looking rather dull and more like a toy than a real ship if some attention to detail and lighting isn't done.

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Yeah it is tricky to do with the camera.

I have let the colours sit for a day and the brown hasn't picked out too well. 

So - I have a dark brown spray and a camp pattern on order. Lay it over one side of the ship, quick spray - instant camoflague.

Fingers crossed it works!

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