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Mimic Generator

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Afternoon guys,

I have a question (did try a search - failed to answer my question).

A Russian mimics a shield generator (from a tower).  Then, over the next couple or so activations - both the towers are killed (my opponent isn't stupid!) - AND I still have a vessel or 2, with mimic generators, who haven't yet activated.  So the question is:

"Can a mimic generator copy another mimic that has ALREADY copied a shield generator?"  My buddy said no (well, you would!) and as we could find nothing in the goodly rule book, we played it that I couldn't.  But I HAVE remembered to ask you good folks in the community.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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On 22/09/2016 at 8:17 PM, Wolfchild said:

Yeah, needs to be clear in the rules.

Also you'd think that once copied, a mimic could maintain that throughout the game, until it mimics something else. I guess that would make it broken tho.

From the Digital Admiral's Edition, p97:

"These abilities remain until the Model with the Mimic Generator suffers a Generators Offline Critical Result or it copies a new Generator. The Targeted Model does NOT lose the use of a Copied Generator."

So, once copied, the Mimic Generator CAN maintain those abilities until destroyed, knocked offline or it mimics something else. Not really broken given how close you need to get to copy anything.


For the original point, my first thought was that a Mimic Generator *could* copy the abilities of another Mimic Generator (treating it as if it was, say, a Shield or Tesla Generator) but I'm assuming the intention of Spartan Games is that the Mimic Generator gains the *abilities* of the copied generator, yet remains a Mimic Generator. So, from further up on p97:

"The Model may not attempt to Mimic a Generator they already possess."

So this would mean you can't copy the abilities of another Mimic Generator that copied something useful, since the target is still technically a "Mimic" Generator rather than a "Whatever it copied" Generator.

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"The Model may not attempt to Mimic a Generator they already possess"

Just to point out this has a second effect.  It does indeed prevent you from copying the effects of other Mimics because they are in fact still Mimics, which you can't copy because you already have one.  But it also prevents a ship with both a Mimic Generator and an Iceberg Generator from copying another Iceberg and use both each turn.  Same with the rocket/torpedo jammer. 

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