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Increasing my list

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Okay - I've managed to pick up an occasional miniature here and there, plus two boxes (one each of Legionnaires and Marines)


Command Section 

Officer (1st Lieutenant)                                 100

5x Regular Legionnaire                                 125


Legionnaire Battle Section

10x Regular Legionnaire                               250

Upgrade one Legionnaire to Sgt                     +5

Upgrade two Legionnaires to Grenadier       +20

Upgrade two Legionnaires to Gun Team       +20


Legionnaire Assault Section

10x Regular Legionnaire                               250

Upgrade One Legionnaire to Sgt                     +5

Upgrade 3 Legionnaires to Grenadier           +30

Upgrade 2 Legionnaire to LMG Gunner        +20


Marine Combat Section

6x Marine                                                     270

Upgrade One Marine to Sgt                          +20

Upgrade one marine to Specialst                   +5

Attach Veronique Dubois                              +60


1180 points.    

I have a second Marine Combat section (n reserve), and can attach a Black Wolf Mercenary section of up to 480 points. 

Alas, I have no other support or Elite sections. Still it's enough to play 1250 to 1500 pt games easily, 1750 if I go all out... 2K would be a stretch. 


We need more Troop Types And frankly, the first 4 boxes

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Alas and alack, Dystopian Legions 2nd Edition was put up for preorder two years ago this month. The RoF and CoA forces have still not progressed since the sections made available for them then except for the CoA character models and HMG.

It appears that the game has been in a comatose state for a long time and Spartan Games has a DNR order on it (Do Not Resuscitate).

The game struggled from the beginning in competition with untold numbers of other tabletop skirmish/wargames and they never seem to have had plans to actually support it as it needed.

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That's a respectable list of models you have. Of course it's the best you can get with the units available for RoF. But you really need to make sure you don't get your hopes up for growing the platoon further. If you're happy with playing as it is today then have lots of fun and I hope that you have some gaming partners who are willing to partake in the game with you.

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It's actually a conversion of Reaper's "Jane Porter, Victorian Adventurer'.  I actually bought 2. One is done up in a mostly khaki paint scheme to be Lady Greystoke, as per the name. 

For the second, I trimmed off the rifle and the attached hand and added a hand with a revolver in it from my Crooked-Die bits bag, then gave it a tricolour paint-scheme, and a skin tone suited for desert ops.  Were it our world she'd be a citizen of French Algeria - but such does not exist in the Dystopian world.

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