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1250 points French vs Britannia

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The war between Imperial Bond and Britannia escalates as the French joins in the fray. Eager to expand their presence in the South China Sea,  the French navy attacks a patrolling Britannia Fleet in a 1250 points battle.

The French fields 2 mk2 magentas with heat Lance upgrade and a MK1 magenta with full turrets , a squad of toulons and Marseilles,  and 2 squads of Lyons.  

While the Britannian fleet fields a Ruler,  Vengeance sub,  a squad of tribal with dominion cruiser,  squad of agincourt gunships,  squad of 3 destroyers and a squad of 4 attacker frigates.  

Game started with the Toulons hiding behind the magenta while slowly advancing and the Mk 1 skimming Magenta harassing British mediums at rb3. 

Turn 1 saw quite a.bit of action as one of the MK2 magenta suffered hits from the British Piercing turrets and suffered Generator offline and shredded defences.  The Lyons move forward to engage the Submarine but their torpedoes were intercepted by CC from the submarine.  Seeing an opportune moment to strike,  British frigates struck back at the Lyons,  damaging them but was later intercepted by stalking Marseilles cruisers.  The right flank however saw an early dominance of British Naval power as the Lyons suffered casualties from the harassing agincourt gunships. 

Subsequent turns saw the damaged mk2 Magenta suffered even more damages as it fails to repair the shredded defences and generators offline critical effects. The MK1 magenta continues to provide supporting fire,  and even managing to cause Magazine Explosion critical effect on one of the destroyers.  Britannia fights back and completely wipes out the Lyons on the right flank,  leaving only the Mk2 magenta on the right flank, which returned fire and cause significant damage to the destroyers and agincourt gunship. 

The ruler retaliated by crippling the Marseilles and together with the tribals did significant damage to the advancing Toulons. The toulons fire back at the tribals but could only take down 1 while suffering concentrated fire from all directions. The Lyons on the left flank move in and managed to cause weapon systems failure on the Ruler.  

Desperate,  the ruler rams into the remaining Toulon  crushing it under its weight and might  but the Toulon was a sturdy ship,  and the Ruler did not leave unscathed.  The last Toulon tried to position itself away from the Vengeance submarine but to no avail as the Vengeance submarine utterly  crushes and sawed the last  Toulon into half.  

The mk2 Magenta fell into British hands as boarding waves from The Ruler and Tribal cruisers took advantage of the defenseless ship and wiped out its crew.  

In the end however,  the skimming Magenta got into position and dealt the final blow to the Ruler,  winning the game on Turn 4.

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