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Sorylian Collective/Veydreth List?

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I'm interested in doing a Sorylian and Veydreth fleet. 

I am thinking the basis would be on the Sorylian and Veydreth patrol boxed sets but I suppose I may not need the Veydreth cruiser, primarily I want to use the Veydreth for the Ambush MAR so they can kind of make up for my plans for Sorylian fleet to be composed of the more broadside/close encounter fleet-being able to engage my opponents long range support.

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I'm actually thinking of doing something very similar too actually.

My idea would be to have the Sorylians be the starting units on the board.
-Carrier with fighters
-Maximum cruiser squadron
-Maximum reaper frigate squadron
Then use the Veydreth to flank or shunt into the battlefield.
-Frigates, with the +3 mine upgrade to flank in from the side and start laying nasty surprises in front of the high priority targets
-Assault cruisers, to begin boarding the weakened vessels
-Destroyers, these I figure you could deploy with the rest of the fleet and keep them as far back as possible to insure they get optimum fire range. Or flank them in from the right side where they will be able to unleash as much hell as possible.


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Sorylian and veydreth can be difficult to get to work together. Both want to flank or shunt with as many of their vessels as possible.

Veydreth destroyers work well with or without ambush as they provide some long range options that can take hits. 

It can be hard to use assault cruisers effectively from ambush as the turn they need to spend powering up their drives often kills them.

It can be fun starting the game with almost everything in ambush or reserve - but its really difficult to pull off.  

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It can be fun starting the game with almost everything in ambush or reserve - but its really difficult to pull off.  

 This is exactly why you bring Veydreth Allies.   Otherwise, bring Terquai Torpedo Cruisers.

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Okay, I have a rough idea for a List, I don't have any models yet so if anyone has suggestions I can go with that. My first choice being buying the Patrol Fleet

Patrol Size List

1 Falx Class Battleship 220


+Splitfire MAR

+1 MV

+2 AP

+Weapon Shielding

1 Xiphos Carrier 175

+2 AP

+1 Shield

+2 Wing Capacity

+2 Kontos Escorts

4 Falcata Class Cruisers 300

+Experience Engineer MAR

+1 Shield Rating

5 Reaper Class Frigates 100

+5 Packhunter

Total 795

Battlefleet Size List

The Above Plus

Minus 1 Kontos Escot

6 Veydreth Stalker Assault Carriers 420

+ Ambush

Split into 2 Squadrons

Total 1,195


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A few points of consideration:

  • You need to find 40 points to purchase Wings for your Carrier (goodbye Kontos Escorts)
  • I don't rate Experienced Engineers on the Cruisers as you'll rarely get to use it more than once on a 4 HP ship (two critical hits equals dead cruiser)
  • 5 Reapers with Pack hunters is 125 points, not 100 (you didn't need the Experience Engineers on cruisers anyway)
  • Your Battlefleet needs a second Tier 3 choice.  Either find 125 points for 5 Pack Hunter Reapers or 100 points for 5 Plumbatas
  • Veydreth Stalker Assault Cruisers ;)
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Sorylians don't do well with top heavy lists.  Two tier 1s is not going to do you any favors.  Drop the carrier, drop the shields and experienced engineers on the cruisers, buy yourself two more frigate squads.

The first squad is for battle fleet minimum.  The second is because Reapers are freaking awesome.

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The Sorylian Xyphos/Morningstar carrier is pretty awesome by itself. Hits hard and if you have fighters you don't need to close too much (but for this kind of fleet Assaulters would be better as you'll want to be using the "Thermal Controls" TAC. I recommend dropping the Falx and adding a couple of skyhammers/falcatas as an accompainment.

For T3 you can  split the reapers and "regroup" them with the TAC later on or if you want to add more T3s, I recommend Plumbatas. They don't have fore fixed and their scout MAR will help with ambushes or standard deployment.

Finnally I have found the card "burn thrusters" very helpful when playing Sorylians as most of their arcs are Fore fixed and you will be needing all the extra maneuvering when looking to assault something (specially with the Carrier and T1's in general)

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