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Ryushi or xelocians?

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Which if the above fleets would you lean toward and why? I love the models of both, I love the rules of both but wonder how they fare in battle. I will probably mix them together as they complement each other fairly nicely but who should I focus on as the core. This is what I am leaning toward for 1000pts atm. Ryushi do the bulk of the work, but the xelocian cruisers pick on high risk threats from long range. I am low on corvettes, but only because the middleweight ships in this fleet are just too cool to pass up.

+++ 1000 ryushi (1000pts) +++

++ Ryushi Fleet (Support Fleet) (740pts) ++

+ Tier 1 (380pts) +

Battle Carrier (380pts)
··Shautrai Battle Carrier
····Hokita Cruiser
······2x Hokita [2x Point Defense Barrage]
····Shautrai [+2 PD, +2" Mv, Deck Crews, Point Defense Barrage]
······Bomber Token [6x Bomber]

+ Tier 2 (240pts) +

Cruiser Squadron (240pts)
··Hokita Cruiser
····4x Hokita [4x Hokita]

+ Tier 3 (120pts) +

Corvette Squadron (60pts)
··Akkarai Corvette
····3x Akkarai [3x Akkarai]

Corvette Squadron (60pts)
··Akkarai Corvette
····3x Akkarai [3x Akkarai]

++ Xelocian contingent

Cruiser Squadron (260pts)
··Tindaku Cruiser
····4x Tindaku [4x Tindaku]

The other way around I am finding it harder to write a fleet that fits in to the points comfortably.




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 Both fleets have a unique playing style and very solid strengths.  If money is not a problem, I suggest purchasing both patrol fleet boxes, the battle carrier, and the Dreadnought. This will give you a lot of playing options, and enough models to proxy the required to ask tear to squadrons you will need in a battle fleet

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