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Spartan's Xbox Live Users

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Have you ever found yourself stranded on an exotic foreign planet, battling wave after wave of merciless and relentless Covenant troops?
Have you ever found yourself surrounded, low on ammo, health, cover and moral?
Have you ever found yourself asking yourself the tough questions:

  • is it possible that I'm not as good at Halo as I think I am?
  • was it really the lag?
  • am I really cut out for the Spartan Program?
  • Is it possible that these enemy Spartans are as intimately close to my mother as they say they are?

If so, then this is the thread for you! I present to you: *cue music and fanfare*

Spartan Games' Spartans
 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/spartan games spartans

That's right, a Spartan Games team of Spartans for Xbox live matchmaking!

The idea of this thread is to introduce the brand new, Halo 5 Spartan Company "Spartan Games Spartans" and also get the word out that forum users can post their Xbox live gamertag in here and get some games in with other Spartan Games Halo buffs. You can brush up on lore, talk shop on conversions and paint schemes you're planning, dream up tactics for your factions, or even, you know, just mindlessly kill Covvies (a fine way to end any afternoon).

Hopefully, this gets stickied so that players, new and old, can readily find this thread and sign up. The hardest part, as Spartan Beth said, will be explaining that you are "... a Spartan from Spartan Games Spartans playing with other Spartans from Spartan Games.

Understandably, some people might not want to necessarily share their gamertag on here, so the options are as such:

  1. You can just post your Xbox Live username and have anyone on the forum add you for some Halo fun
  2. You can leave a post in this thread saying that you have an Xbox live account and that users should message you internally through the Spartan Forums for your details, OR
  3. You can simply join the "Spartan Games Spartans" battle company without necessarily coming through the Spartan Forum at all

As a side note, I've placed this here (in the general general discussion) because didn't seem to fit exclusively in either Halo: Fleet Battles' or Halo: Ground Command's General Discussions, as realistically it's part of both.

As a side side note, my gamertag is ONI S3, please feel free to add me. 

Semper Vigilans, 



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