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Thanks much!

I appreciate the kind words. I finally received my third Brigand cruiser. Spartan still has the best customer service imaginable. So I'll do those three cruisers and try get them done this weekend. Might be tricky with the "neck" of the ships being studded in weapon ports to get a skull & crossbones on it, but I think the end result will be worth it


Then I have to decided what to do next; I've got the RotO Aquans and I've settled on a paint scheme I think I can make work, Terquai patrol box, Syndicate patrol box, or my Valhalla Dindrenzi patrol fleet. I've got schemes for each of them but with school I think I've only got time in the near future to complete one box. 


I'm open to suggestions for which fleet to do and also open to consider paint schemes if anyone has suggestions.

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Thanks much!

Going to post a quick WIP of my Terquai. Hopefully I'll get the ships fully based and highlighted tonight. I'm doing a gray/green-blue scheme with a bright turquoise engine color and reddish pink weapon glow. I thought about doing all of the glowing bits in one of the two colors but there isn't enough to the models to break up the amount of single OSL color.


Anyway, here's the cruisers getting their magnets:





I'm also working on the Return of the Overseer models remaining, including the portal & the Aquans. While priming everything I noticed something funny about the Aquan SRS tokens that I'm sure is known. The SRS tokens appear backward, at least compared to the style of the rest of the Aquan models. Not sure if I'm going to treat the model's dice pit as in the wrong spot and paint the tokens as though the broad end is the front or not. 


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I took a break from the Terquai to base the Aquans and the Overseer gate & model. The Overseer gate and model were going so fast I decided not to stop and just finished it. 

The Terquai and Aquans are coming along. I'll probably wait on the Aquans because I need to prepare the stencil and it's a chore I'm not looking forward to. With a little luck I can have the Terquai done tomorrow.

Here's the gate & probe:







I have to admit I wanted to do a different color than green for the OSL, like bright orange. Except when I tried printing off a portal replacement I wasn't happy. So I stuck with the green. I still fully intend on finding a nice high definition picture of a wormhole or portal entrance and cover the grid covered green thing, but that can wait.

Thanks for viewing!

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Quick Terquai update with a finished frigate. We'll call this a test model for now. I may try add more contrast. The lines between the big plates are sparse and unfortunately that leaves little room for a lot of shading. I may either highlight with a real light blue-gray mixed with white or use a gun metal to add weathering to the edges. But I kind of like how the pinkish red weapon glow contrasts with the hull and turquoise OSL of the engines and what not.



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I'm going to have to tweak it a bit. I'm real bummed out that the green on the hull doesn't show at all in the pictures. Even the gray highlight is overwhelmed. Could be the LED light I'm using for my desk and the lack of either a decent camera or a light box. Or both. I may hit the ships more central parts one more time with some of the ocean green just to give the hull a little less blue/gray and provide more depth. 

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I received some Relthoza from another player who was moving away and getting out of table top gaming entirely. He didn't want anything for his dreadnought group and patrol fleet and at the time I couldn't fathom why he didn't want any money or trade. It wasn't until I got them home and look at them under a lamp. He covered them in a maroon paint in very thick layers that threatened the details. Plus I think a cat barfed on them. They came with a Zenian League book but the pages were stuck together and hardened. I don't know what caused that, but like the models, the book was practically ruined.

I can't salvage the book, which is a shame because I never bought the Zenian and Kurak books, but I did (after a lot of elbow grease and a gallon of paint thinner) get the thick layers of paint off. 

Primed in simple gray, air brushed in dark gray, covered in black wash until practically black, then airbrushed with successive layers of dark to light green from back to front, and finally airbrushed with OSL... I think they came out okay. I have to admit I didn't like the Relthoza design for the longest time until sitting with the models. Now I kind of like the unique vertical look.

I finished the dreadnought tonight. I'll continue working on the rest of the fleet and post a fleet pic upon completion. Usual apologies for the camera quality. Hope you enjoy, comments and what not welcome.

Thanks for viewing!






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Took a day longer than I had hoped but I got lazy and did other things that may or may not involve booze.

Here's the Relthoza fleet. Now complete I actually really like the models and am inspired to try them out in game sooner rather than later (assuming I ever find some players again). I am curious what I should add to this fleet to grow it.

I should have taken pictures of the original models, the maroon was caked on so thick and the cat barf had merged with some of the models, the frigates especially. I got them mostly clean before re-painting them but the frigates had to be made to look scuffed and damaged because of said cat barf.

All said and done this was a pretty lucky score for the price; free!

Thanks for viewing!










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I've started the agonizing process of stripping my Aquans so I can redo them but it's going to take some time. I get pretty ticked off every time I start working on them. Seriously I was adding glow to the gems and then they would have been done when the orange paint pot went kabloomers all over them. Upon going back over it in my head this may be a blessing in disguise since the glow of the gems was a bit too intense and I think I'll just make them look like classic gems instead of glowy bits.

So for now, I'm going to upload some closeups of my Directorate models. These are nothing new but they're higher quality close up images of the fleet. There's a lot of them so this will be over several posts:















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Continued again:

Anarchist: I did the Anarchist before I knew you could bend the resin with hot water and believe it or not I dropped the model on its dome once. It doesn't sit quite right anymore, but it didn't break like I feared.
























SRS tokens:



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Thanks much! I don't do anything special, just go from the darkest color, adding secondary lighter color, and then add white in two different steps. So each glow effect technically has four layers? Then I hand brush on pure white onto the smallest point of light. I guess it just takes being patient with the airbrush because it's not a quick process, but I've gotten pretty good at doing glow effects. I do 40K plasma weapons and power swords for the local gamers for only the cost of paint. I can knock out an entire army's worth of glowing bits in an afternoon. 

I was going to try and record my glow effects because I've been asked before, particularly for the SRS tokens, but really it's just a matter of using a two stage trigger and barely holding down on the release, hovering it in the spot I want the glow for a few seconds and letting the paint build up. The only real trick is knowing when to back off and letting it dry because it WILL streak if too much paint builds up and the air pressure can catch it. That's a mess to deal with.

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