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Hey all,

Been a while since I posted in the hobby section with new models. Been real busy redoing my basement and its taken this long to set up a new office for painting. I figured I should do a single topic to post my fleets and so over the next day I'll post all of my completed ships and fleets. Unfortunately my light box didn't survive the move and my good camera is in a tote somewhere, so my picture quality is going to be pretty terrible, but that's nothing new from me ;) 

Anyway, I figure I would start with something new/old in the form of my Corsairs. I modified an Excelsior class battleship a little and painted it up to function as both a second excelsior in a pinch or as a stand in corsair battlecarrier in lieu of there being a model. The SRS tokens are terran fighters/bombers painted to match and the OmniDyne MKI corvettes have also been painted to match. These three below act as the escort for the battlecarrier. I'm currently waiting for three boxes of new OSO and I'll have in total six full squadrons of corvettes.

I do have two Brigand class cruisers but they aren't complete. I ordered three but only received the two. I'm currently waiting on Despatch to get back to me on this but they'll have a similar paint scheme.

I decided these particular corsairs would be equipped and armed by OmniDyne as a supplement to OSO forces, hence the green glow of the engines matching the green glow of my OSO. In my mind these corsairs are less your typical cut throats and more turn coat renegades tired of fighting an unending conflict they don't believe in. For whatever reason they aligned themselves with OmniDyne and have been rewarded in the form of technology and surplus ships, but retain their military discipline and use of military tactics. Making the most of the least equipment while working for themselves.





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The template is a stencil from Anarchy UK Stencils. Not sure if I can give a link but look them up. Rock solid product, my stencils were reusable for the entire Directorate fleet but by the end were no longer adhesive at all.

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Been a while but I finally finished my Oroshan. They were quite a pain in the butt to paint with the grooves and highlighting combined. 

The theme is meant to make each ship look like a mural to star charts of their lost empire. Hulls covered in glowing shielded domes of habitats that have out grown the interior space available to citizens of the fleet based civilization. Cities and manufacturing facilities poke out of the hulls of the largest ships in the armada, bustling with activity... or at least I hope they look like they do.











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I have literally this one Tyrant and one squadron of cruisers done (that I need to go back over and redo), despite having Terrans and Dindrenzi from the old Valhalla box set. In fact I have one of every Terran box and multiple standard cruisers and frigates. All primed and sitting in a box. I'm not sure why I have never finished the Terrans, I think it's because I found their play style to be blah with the occasional dash of fun shenanigans. Plus the various small factions have such awesome models and unique play styles that I think I was just drawn to them more. Anyway, here's the one Terran ship I think that's worth showing, once I work through my various other stuff I'll finish the fleet.









And for bonus here are a couple pictures of the standard civilian space station, I sometimes use it as an objective or stand in battle station if someone wants to use it.



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I've been sitting on my Ryushi for quite a while now. Haven't had time to pick them back up and I was kind of let down with how the battle carrier looked when finished. The red, when combined with white air brushing, made the engine and weapon glow look dark pink. Also the ship really needed something else to make it pop. A nearly completely blank hull works for Works Raptor but not for anyone else in my opinion.

I debated on doing a from front to back red to black fade, but it would have required so much extra work I decided to go with the quick and dirty of just adding some red racing stripes and redoing the glow effects with red/orange air brushing. I think the effect looks good and the ship looks sufficiently menacing. The idea here being that the Ryushi, or a faction within the greater Ryushi, adopted a philosophy of revenge and this fleet is one built in anger to exact that revenge. The hulls of the fleet reflect this in their style choice, which is also a mockery of the traditional black with red highlighted Dindrenzi ships. Kind of a cross faction middle finger to the leaders of the Zenian League.










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