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Battle Report: Objective Scramble [pic heavy]

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Welcome to an account of our final warm-up game before the (hopefully) epic display game in early August.  In this game we have more of the scenery we'll be using for the display game ready and more of the forces painted.  Like our Demo Game, this scenario features centre-ground with 6 objectives to be captured in order to secure victory.

We both tried some new elements.  The Prussians had Marshall Hahl and a support section (plus metal dog) in an APC, a Teutonic Knight officer, a large Landwher section, A grenadier support section split into fire teams, each with a machine gun, a Waltze Heavy ironclad, terrifying Luftlancers and Telsa Field Gun.


The British decided to protect their Terrier Heavy ironclad by detailing a line infantry section to escort it, they also had a line support section with twin machine guns, a Black Wolf raiding party, Sky Hussars, a field gun and the mandatory (when facing Prussians) Light Dragoons  and an assault section in a transport.



The Lanwher advanced and captured and objective near a field. Their rifle fire bounced ineffectively from the approaching British armoured carrier.


The British field gun lined up the huge Prussian tank, but the shell bounced off with no effect.  On the other flank the British Terrier began its advance down the road toward the crossroads.  The Prussians were careful to use the nearby wood as cover for their armoured carrier staying out of sight of the tanks huge main gun. The Luftlancers bravely sized and objective on the road.


On the other side of the battlefield the British transport crashed over a wooden fence and disgorged assault infantry wielding flamethrowers.  The Landwher suffered many casualties as fire washed over them.


Meanwhile the Luftlancers launched themselves at the British tank.  The nearby infantry section, fearing the tank would be swiftly overcome, charged the elite Prussian soldiers.  However, the Prussians reacted with lightning speed killing the British infantry to a man.  The Terrier ground onwards,, seemingly heedless of the carnage behind it.


The Sky Hussars soared over the battlefield and charged into a Prussian fire team, slaying all but one of the stout Prussians.


The Liftlancers now moved on to attack the Light Dragoons.  The British Armoured cavalry turned their shotguns on the approaching Prussians, but to their surprise this fire had little effect, and they were soon cut down.  Meanwhile the British tank punched through the Prussian lines and lined up the Waltze tank, and scored a direct hit, destroying the mighty armoured vehicle.  In revenge the Prussian Teutonic Knights charged into the British Assault troops, steadying the Landwher who were on the verge of routing, and slew all of the British troops.


Both sides had suffered heavy casualties, the Prussians had scored more casualties, but the British had claimed more objectives.  The battle now hung in the balance.  The decisive action occurred when the Black Wolf mercenaries, who had previously been involved in a heavy exchange of gunfire with the Teutonic Knights,  charged the surviving members of a Prussian Grenadier fire team and seized control of a Prussian objective in brutal hand-to-hand combat.


Both sides had scored the necessary Battle Log points to secure victory, so the game was a draw!

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