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A very vital objective

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We're getting ready to run a large demonstration game soon, and today we had our first game with heavy Ironclads and some new players!

The mission was to secure a vital underground bunker located near a farmhouse and road.  Both sides were battle weary, short on ammo and enthusiasm.

Both British and Prussians deployed their heavy ironclad so that the tank overlooked the objective, but a small forest blocked line-of-sight between the iron giants. 


In addition to the mighty Waltze, the Prussians had the usual assortment of fearsome Teutonic Knights, Grenadier assault and battle sections, Luftlancers and Marshall Hahl and his part metal dog.


The British had a largely mechanised force, including a Terrier tank, two sections of the Black Watch in Armstrong conveyors - led by Colonel Macdonald, Light Dragoons, and Sky Hussars.

The British advanced on the flank, sending their Black Watch and Dragoons against the Prussian Luftlancers and Battle Grenadiers. The Luftlancers scored and early success, destroying one of the Armstrong transports, but the brave Scots emerged from inside ready to fight!  Meanwhile the Dragoons inflicted serious damage on the Grenadiers with their shotguns at close range.


Meanwhile on the other flank, the mighty heavy ironclads slowly manouvered until they faced one another.  Marshall Hahl circled around the forest, intent on engaging the British tank in hand to hand combat!  The British tank survived a slavo from the Prussian Waltze and destroyed the Prussian tank with return fire, which exploded killing a nearby Teutonic Kniight, and simultanseously killed the Grenadier specialists accomapnying the Prussian hero.


Meanwhile the Sky Hussars bravely captured the central objective.  This bravery was punshied with devastating fire from the Teutonic Knights who killed and injured two of the Hussars.  Soon the Hussars seemed to be surrounded by the entire Prussian force.


Althought Marshall Hahl was able to attack and damage the Terrier, the tank weathered the ferocious assault and fired on the Prussians crowding the objective, giving the Hussars much needed relief.  As the Prussians closed in to close-quarters fighting the Hussars fired up their jetpacks and retreated a short distance, remaining in contact with the objective.


Meanwhile on the flank, the Black Watch and Light Dragoons had overwhelmed the Luftlancers, and charged onward, killing the Grendaiers surrounding the objective to provide much needed relief to the Hussars.


The game concluded when the humble militia line section killed the second Teutonic Knight, finally allowing the Hussars to secure the vital objective.

This was a 1,750 point game, requiring 18 Battle Log points to win.  The final scroes were British: 18, Prussians, 5

Despite the scores, this was a closely fought game and the British were lucky to score 11 Battle Log points on the two turns they held the vital objecive.

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