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Question on Measuring Range for Windsor Cannon

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Hi I am planning to deploy my Windsor soon.

 90 degree guns, from rule book it says distance is to be measured from appropriate point.  However in diagram it is demonstrated that for turrets, the appropriate point seems to be centre of the turret.


So, for this super big guns on the Windsor, are we suppose to measure from

(1) cannon tip,

(2) or mid point of the cannon? Or even more drastically,

(3) from the socket where the cannon connects with the castle???

I had not thought of (3) before I start writting this post, but as I write, it seems a logical extension of the rule, where small British turrets are also measured from the turret's socket centre as shown on rule book.


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(4) The name is "Bombardment Cannons". So p.54 DigiAdmiral "Other Ordnance Weapons", measure "from the weapon" should apply.

If you want to be fair, chose one point of the weapon and measure from it every time you measure. Gamey people consider and choose the point every time before they measure.

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