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jubs unit and helix stat cards

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Hi there,

Here are the unit stat cards I made for my players group.

We started Firestorm Planetfall a few months ago and I wanted to have cards easy to use for new players.


  • printer friendly and ORBAT-fashioned cards
  • all movement relative MAR (Tracked/Wheeled, Walker, Lumbering) are regrouped in the movement box
  • all defense relative MAR (Cloacked, Sectored Armour, Hard Target, Hover Vehicle, Inner Plating) are regrouped in the DR box
  • focus on sky drop nexus, artillery support and nexus designator : easy to find how many tokens are placed on the board at the beginning of the battle
  • helix cards with the detail of units in the helix on the front and the details for special rules on the back


Exemple :



Links :

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On 11/07/2016 at 4:11 AM, terror said:

Spotted an error. Relthoza Namisc light walker has 2 DR's.  These cards have been very helpful btw.


Sorry for the delay in responding and updating this post but summer was dedicated to other hobbies.

Just added the Sorylian pack.

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