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Xelocian Tindaku CA Prow Project

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I really like the "three pronged" look of the Xelocian heavy ships and escorts, so I decided to modify a Tindaku CA to get the same look


I've made the red cut lines with a jewler's saw...


...and am in the process of cleaning up the Larshan prow pieces for attachment to the Tindaku hull.

I'll post all the steps here as I make progress.

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Cut up the Larshan prow with a jewler's saw


Cleaned them up and did a stunt fitting with double sided tape


Drilled in some brass rod - I want the structure to be really solid for when I start shoving sculpting putty under there to backfill the overhang


Glue for the starboard side is drying now...

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Thus far, the lesson is "have the right tools!" 

The #0 blade jewelers saw has been worth it's weight in gold - especially since I'm going to need to do this at least 3 more times. 

A comfortable scalpel handle and really sharp blades helps a lot as well. 

The Larshan bits actually fit as if they were meant to be there - just some fill to do from the bottom. I'll post more pictures Monday with close ups. 

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I have only just seen this post and think it’s a great idea; I need to buy another box of cruisers at some point so intend to do the same and make them look different.  

Thanks for sharing

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