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Nicoli's Hawker, Terrans and other builds

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So had my first attempt at the srs this morning. 


I'm not really that happy, they are alot smaller than I realised and I don't have a fine enough brush for the details so have just had to go with a basic colour on them for now 




Ideally am basing them on the vipers and raptors from BSG. So white and red for the fighters and a browny / gold for the bombers. 


But atm they have to just stay white and yellow with a wash until I pick up a fine detail brush

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They look great done up in the same scheme as the rest of your fleet.  

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with brushes.  I've become an evangelist for Windsor&Newton brushes, pretty easy to find through a number of distributors online.  They're pricey, but the quality is worth it.  

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I was considering doing it, but I quickly decided against it since I have 6 fleets and it would become a ton of names, and I suck at making up names. 

If I where to name them though, I would simply paint or draw the name on the base, preferably with some marker pen that works on plastic. 

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It really depends on how fancy you'd like to get with this.

At the easy end of the spectrum is a label printer, or even printing them out on paper and affixing to the base with lacquer.

Mid-range includes printing your own decals (you run the decal paper through a normal printer), or dry transfer/decal lettering that you customize yourself.

...and high end would be to laser etch into 1mm acrylic tags that you could then glue to the base.

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