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Planetfall Tournament - 23rd July 2016

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Hi everyone,


I have just set up a Planetfall tournament for the back of July. It is going to be christened as the inaugural UK Open GT and I'm hoping to get as many of you folks involved as I can.


Hosted at a great venue, which is (fairly) central in the UK and is (fairly) easy to get to.


I have set up an event over on the Firestorm:Planetfall - Mess Hall Facebook page if you are a member, and if you aren't, why not :) - there is a link to the Facebook page below,




There is also a comprehensive Tournament Pack which is linked at the bottom of this message.


It would be great to see a load of Planetfall players battling it out to be crowned champion.


Drop me a message if you have any questions etc, but the tournament details are below;


Battle For Ehre XVI - UK Open GT

A one day Firestorm Planetfall - Grand Tournament
Saturday 23rd July 2016
Three games of intense action over the course of the day
Battle to be crowned Planetfall UK Open GT champion 2016
Hosted by one of the best and certainly most unique gaming venues in the country – Sanctuary Gaming Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.
Centrally located (10 mins from Jnc28 M1)
Trophy and prize support
£10 entry
Tournament pack available here:







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Just bumping this event ---- to remind everyone that it is now less than a month away. Get yourselves involved in a great day of Planetfall - fighting for the UK Open GT - a great gaming location, only £10 for a full days gaming, endorsement & prize support from Spartan Games and of course bragging rights for the victorious.
Come on get involved :)

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It is with some regret that I have to announce the cancellation of this event. Unfortunately there has not been enough interest and with the number confirmed the event is just not viable. From a personal viewpoint I believe I've given it my best shot but there just isn't the players or the interest in Planetfall out there any more, yes I'm a little sad as anyone who knows me, knows that I love this game, but it appears it is time to move on to other things.
Cheers All.
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Sorry this is not happening. I was hoping to drop in on this event for a couple of hours. Don't lose faith!

A little over a month ago I bought some of the figures to consider potential as proxies for my Epic 30K/40K armies. I now own two armies and have converted two friends, both of whom are collecting a pair of armies each. I like the game mechanics and neuances of each race. Currently working on a Directorate Assault formation.

Epic has struggled over the years to generate an expanding player base - but its still about and has a strong core community.

Last Partizan was the first game of Planetfall I've seen on scene (and probably responsible for me taking the plunge so to speak - but nobody selling spartan games at the show!!!).These type of events are where you can access a potential new player group. I think both Epic and Planetfall would benefit form getting an event (whatever size) organised at one of the larger shows - ever thought about Derby in October as they have the World Championships of a whole host of games - get a demo game going, possibly a small competition.....

I am doing my painting demo at The Other Partizan next month which I have this year expanded from just 6mm to include up to 12mm. Might be one of the things I could paint is a planetfall formation... could generate a bit of interest.

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