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Repairnitskys - +2 or not?!

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Hey guys,

One question to the repair action.

If my Khatanga has 2 dmg points. How much hits I need to repair 1 Hullpoint / 2 Hullpoints?

Do I have to pass the ablative too?

To repair 1HP, you need to pass the DR. To repair 2HP, you need to pass the CR. Ablative Armour affects both of these, so a Khatanga with only a couple of points of damage on it requires 9 successes (its current DR) to repair 1HP, and 13 successes (its current CR) to repair 2HP.
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Hello guys

Grettings, i had the same doubt between ablative armour and repair action. I did the same question in other post. They answered me with 2 point to the view A) You take the Ablative armour MAR to repair action B ) You do the repair action no bonus MAR this action is not targeted attack action and you use the initial Ship's HP to repair it. But analyzing these two answers is logical to take Ship's HP initial without bonus MAR the repair action is not targeted attack. We expect an official reponse for The Spartan game team.

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