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Requesting pictures of your SRS Tokens!

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So, I'm turning lots of paintless models in my fingers right now, and I think one little hurdle that's keeping me from actually starting to paint them is that I'd have to paint SRS tokens too where I'm drawing a blank in terms of creativity.

Which led me to this fantastically selfless idea: YOU show me pictures of YOUR SRS tokens (no matter the faction, as long as they're painted) allowing ME to steal what I like for MINE. :D


Maybe you have some nice conversions and/or paintjobs you want to show off, maybe you're seeing right through my plan and want to show me the worst pictures you can find to frustrate my shady efforts, it doesn't matter. Pictures of SRS tokens is all I want, and perhaps other users get something out of it too? Yeah, let's go with that! ;):lol:


Now, post away! ;)

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Mine are still one color, having not been inspired on paint schemes either but after seeing these great looking tokens I'm going to give it another shot.


You and me both! I custom-made a bunch out foam-core board and bits from a cheap aircraft carrier model so I would have more variety (interceptors and fighters look different, which is nice in game), but their painting is just barely tournament-legal three colors. I definitely need to see what I can do to improve them. 

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