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My Covenant Force plus a question

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I was recently amazed to find a set of the new CoA Heroes and Weapon Team boxes on EBay in a clearance sale.

Too good to be true you say?


Apparently not as I got both at around 50% of RRP. I know I couldn't believe it myself.


Anyway I've just finished putting my commandoes together and I decided to work out an army.

I ended up with the following 3000 point army. The amazing thing is it's not all maxed out there's scope for this to go much higher and still be just 1 platoon. Anyway here's the force:


Officer/Character Units


Major with 4 Veteran Commandoes (1 Proxima)

Captain Bertonelli & Leopold with 3 Veteran Commandoes (2 Proximas)

Captain Hammarstom  & MUD MKII with 5 Automata


Line Units


6 Regular Commandoes (Master Sergeant with Proxima and Squad Proxima)

Regular Heavy Fire Base (Master Sergeant and 3 Weapon Teams)

10 Automata




6 Black Wolf Raiders (Captain, PP-76 LMG, Flashbangs)




3 Gun Drones with 5 Automata

3 Gun Drones with 5 Automata

3 Gun Drones with 5 Automata




Monique Dubois and 2 Drone Controllers


A total of 2997 points.


Now the question, I originally put the Drone Controllers and Monique in 1 unit but then I wondered if the following was legal:


3 Line allows me to have 3 Drone Controller Sections and a Drone Controller section is 0-3 Drone Controllers with one being able to be upgraded to a senior controller. Monique can then be added to one of the sections.


Can I have 3 Sections comprising of 1 Controller, 1 Controller and 0 Controllers and then add Monique to the section with 0 Controllers and upgrade each of the others to Senior Controllers?


This would effectively give 3 individuals that could be spread around the board giving a wider control range for Drone units and essentially mitigate the negative effects of a failure in Morale as all your controllers aren't part of the same unit.

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Having put together my commandoes and worked out my army list I started to put together my Automata.

God it's frustrating, I thought some of the other figures were bad enough but these are ridiculous.

Are the sculptors sadists or what?


These could easily have been done with just 3 parts instead of the 5 or 6 that they come with.

I'm so tempted just to get some plastic Necrons and use them as my automata.

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Yeah, I understand that the Automata can be a pain. I don't have any advice as I don't have any CoA models but I do know there are a number of people on the forum and one of my friends who did.



On your platoon list. It looks good for the most part.  I personally like the balance between humans and drones. 


I really think that you shouldn't field a Major as an Infantry Officer though. 


You will save 115 points by dropping him down to a 1st Lieutenant. 

You really don't gain any benefit from having a Major though that isn't better used fielding more models.


Even without the Major you will still have Red Dice for initiative because Alfonso or Olga will be the Senior officer.


You currently have 6 CP that can only be used on Drones and 25 that can be spread around to any section. Especially as a CoA player you will never use that many. Drones are Fearless with controllers around and you have 4. Commandos have Steadfast so you don't have to worry about Battle Weary and Suppression isn't common. Dropping down to 22 command points is more than acceptable.


You could completely fill out one of the Command Squads just by dropping down to a 1st Lieutenant.




You should be able to split up the Drone Controllers and Monique. The section is listed as 0-3 models so a section of 0 with Attached Monique is fine to me.



I do agree that the Heavy Fire Base section does list itself as a Line Section... but based on DL precedent I'm 90% certain that is a copy and paste error and that it should be a Support Section. I'm not saying you can't play with it as Line because the current Orbat says that it is. But if Spartan is willing to fix any orbat I am sure they will move it to Support and then you'll have an illegal list. You'll either need to remove two HMGs or do something else.

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Hi I have the Officer as a Major as I'm using the Special Character model that came with the Iron Scorpion boxed set and he looks way too ornate to be a simple 1st Lieutenant and I want him as the leader of my army purely on aesthetic grounds.

I take your point though and might drop him to a captain.


The other part of this though is that I want my HQ's to be Veteran as much as possible and if I downgrade to a 1st Lieutenant the Commandoes get downgraded too.


In terms of the Heavy Fire Base, you may be right about it being a cut and paste error and that it should be a support choice but I've considered this and if this is the case I can do one of two things:


1) Rearrange the Commandoes and the Heavy Fire Base to form 2 Fire Base Commando squads (dropping 1 of the Weapon teams)


OR (my preferred option)

2) Keep the Heavy Fire Base as a Support option and rearrange the Automata from the Line and Support choices to give 2 Automata Line units; then take the 3 Drones from the rearranged Support unit and add 1 each to the 2 HQ units and the Commando Line unit that each have a Drone Relay.

This second option keeps the same number of Line and Support units as my normal list with no wasted models.  


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