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Who is playing Planetfall?

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Hi everyone,


This is a copied post from over on the Facebook page(s), but as there may be folk who are not on Facebook and I wanted to catch all I've put it in here as well. If you have responded to this request via Facebook could you please repeat on here so anyone that just looks at this forum can get an idea of the response, thanks.


As I'm doing a fair bit of demoing at a number of shows this year and as one of the most frequent questions I am asked by folk is 'where can I play this game?', in the interests of pointing them in the right direction, I would like to take a snap straw poll;


Could you please reply to this topic with 'who' and 'where', if you have a core group of players (4 or more) who play Planetfall regularly (at least every couple of weeks or so).


I know we have the player map up on the forum, but this doesn't really indicate where folk are getting together to play.


I am UK based but would love to hear from anywhere in the world, just to get a snap shot of who is playing.


Many thanks :)

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My group plays in the Bay Area in California. There is another group that plays int he same locations as we do on different days, as well. I'm not sure if they frequent the forums, however.

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There are about 10 of us with Planetfall Forces at the Southampton Sluggaz in the United Kingdom. We meet every Friday and I am doing a 6500 game next week, and a 2v2 intro game with a bunch of new people who are just purchasing stuff. 


Planetfall is alive and well on the South Coast :) 

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