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Fleet Action? Looking for info/news/thoughts/etc

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Thanks for the information Orson, very useful. I am quite interested in this, and feel that its a good move by SG to get newblood into the universe without intimidating them with the more complex rules for the main game.


However, its simplicity does make it seem to be suitable for very large scale games - the "Apocalypse" of DW as it is. 

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Yes CP is crew points.

Varnos to answer your question I have to first point out an error in the orbats the bombers should not be in red but blue.

Active defence shown in blue on the stat card of a model denotes its ability to defend against incoming attacks from BLUE weapons namely Torps, Rockets, Boarding assault and Bombing/Attack runs etc.

Passive defence shown in RED on the stat card denotes its ability to defend against incoming attacks from RED weapons Gunnery, Bombards and so on.

Fighters increase the Active defence of the target model by the AD number listed it's stats line from boarding or bombing attacks.

These answers are taken directly from the rule book.

Note that not unusual for Spartan the stats for the Havel have changed from the rule book going to printing and the Orbat.

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coolio, so the dice a defender rolls are active def, passive def and CP dice (for attacks like torpedoes, gunnery and boarding respectively)?


Interesting change then, as it adds quite some variance to the effectiveness of gunnery. Also, this format of MARs on the weapons is killing me as i design a new format... I don't want to resort to icons like in planetfall, but I need way more space per weapon now.

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Can anyone with the rules furnish me with details as to how the following weapon MARs work?


Punishing - ?
Massed Fire - ?
Disruption - ?
Indirect Fire (access to indirect fire as per DW?)
Hunter - (+1 to hit as per DW?)
I understand that all the model MARs might be a bit much to type up, but I'd really like at least to know the weapon ones... Spartan still hasn't shipped my bloody box, and inquiring minds need to know.
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