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Second Game: Prussia vs KoB - Annihilate

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For our second game we set the MFV at a more ambitious 1,200 points. Again I'm going light on the photos as my opponent is still painting his forces, and I'm planning to upgrade our terrain soon, but here is a brief account:

This game my British force was led by a Captain with a small bodyguard and included a section of Light Dragoons, who seemed hard to pass up (with their 7 red dice shotguns if they are willing to brave getting within 8" of the Prussian line :blink: ). I tried a field gun as I felt a needed something to challenge Ironclads (but that could also do well against infantry). I took a small (militia) assault section and equipped them with a General Conveyer to get into the action more quickly. Then Anchored my line with a large (militia) line section packing a machine gun team, and a Sky Hussar section commanded by a Lieutenant.

The Prussians had a Captain of their own and took two large Grenadier sections (battle and assault) which seemed to be fully upgraded. They had the ominous Tesla field gun and 3 of the monstrous Teutonic Knights and two tankettes.

Due to some relatively inept choices on my part in scenario selection we played with limited visibility with the annihilate mission objective. This would prove a brutal selection as, deprived of long range, I had to 'wipe out' all but one enemy section in order to secure the 20 points for victory (it kind of seems like the Battle Log totals should be in increments of 5 rather than 10?)

Turn One
Things started in dramatic fashion when the Prussian Tankettes, who had been scouting the British force tried to down the daring Sky Hussars. In reply the British General Conveyer lurched forward and the flame thrower specialists inside bathed a tankette in a curtain of flame, causing the ammunition inside to detonate, destroying the small ironclad.

The Prussians hauled their field gun onto a nearby hill to get a commanding view of the battle, while the Prussian Assault Grenadiers took cover behind a stone wall. The British and Prussian line infantry exchanged fire with little effect, while the light dragoons moved into cover beside the general conveyer in the centre of the battlefield.


Turn Two
Realising the Sky Hussars were approaching rapidly the Assault Grenadiers fired a barrage at them sending one spiralling to the ground and injuring another. The Sky Hussars decided on a softer target, and landed beside the Prussian field gun which had just reached the top of the hill, dispatching the exhausted crew in brutal hand-to-hand fighting. However the Prussian Captain decided to show personal bravery and charged the Hussars killing two of their number.

The Prussian Battle Grenadiers continued their advance toward the British in the centre of the battlefield. British Assault soldiers took up defensive positions in a ruined building and unleashed a terrible spray of fire from their flamethrowers, killing several Grenadiers. Scorched but relentless the Prussians continued to advance into a line, picking of several British Soldiers. Now the Light Dragoons broke cover and unleased their devastating Adams Mk VII Shotguns. The ferocity of the barrage killed the last 7 Prussians outright, although the heroic efforts of their medic would later revive 3 of their number!

The lumbering Teutonic Knights advanced on the Dragoons, their machine guns claimed one of the shielded cavalry. Meanwhile the British Field Gun destroyed the last Prussian Tankette.


Turn Three & Four
The Prussian Captain and British Sky Hussar Lieutenant engaged in a fierce duel. When it was over the Prussian commander was gravely injured, but alive, and the British officer dead,

The two remaining Dragoons turned their shotguns onto the Teutonic knights, killing one before the two remaining armoured giants crashed into brutal melee. The British Captain saw an opportunity to deal the Prussians a grave blow by dispatching their elite unit and led his small personal section into hand-to-hand combat with the Prussian juggernauts. The fighting was fierce and many British soldiers were killed, and the Captain injured, but one of the Teutonic Knights was slain.

As the combat raged the Prussian Assault Grenadiers, who had been sprinting across the battlefield for all they were worth, entered the fray, and cut down the British Captain and Dragoons.

We concluded the game there with the British having secured 12 Battle Log Points to the Prussians 9 which we had previously agreed was a more reasonable goal, given the available time, than the 20 specified by the Mission. It was a pretty enjoyable game and our first experience of Ironclads, and multiple sction melee actions. We made a few mistakes, and you'll see I've posted a few rules questions in the appropriate forum.

Our next game will be 1,500 points with the requirement that each side field one of the special characters!

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That sounds like a fun game like your first one. I've always enjoyed the flexibility that the vehicles and multiple sections allow. 


It looks like your Dragoons had a good showing but in all how did you find this game? The Prussians lost by 3 points but do you feel that they had a chance if something else was tried or if luck balanced out the other way?

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Hi roadkizzle, thanks for the comment.  Following our subsequent reading of the rulebook (and the questions you helpfully answered in the rules forum) I think we probably made so many mistakes that this game is not a fair representation of the relative strengths of each faction.


As the British player I felt fairly in control, right up until both my officers were killed.  I'm rapidly coming to appreciate how terrifying the Prussians are in close combat, and I think once my opponent deploys transports and Luftlancer section and has more mobility I will struggle a lot more with the balance between having offensive sections and protecting my defensive elements.  The annihilate mission made things pretty intense, and the final part of the game really came down to a rock/paper/scissors approach where if I didn't manage to shoot his surviving sections to death, they'd destroy me in close combat, so it could have gone either way, and a lot depended on his medics.  Were we competing for one, or more, objectives I think the game would have been a lot more tense (and fun) in the final turns.



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